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Above, in the Mist.
Off in the distance, on another mountain peak you can make out the shape of a man, his long cloak dancing in the breeze. He’s always there, always watching. What is he looking for or waiting for?

Each villager has a different answer. The romantics say he waits for his love, but no one can say who that is. The dreamers say that he’ll grant a wish to whoever can reach him on that slippery peak. The brash youths who want to leave will tell you that he is the greatest of swordsmen, and if you can climb your way to him and prove your worth, he will teach you all he knows of swordplay and life. The aged claim him as one of their own, an old wise wizard or sage, saving all his knowledge for the time it will be needed most. Of course the skeptics say that he is just a statue and that any movement he makes is just a trick of the light… By- [link]
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