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Vampire Hunter D

Fanart for a great anime
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Atmosphere is stunning!
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Love this! Absolutely fantastic composition and lighting.
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wow epic and beautiful!!! :) :)
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composition too good, killed me
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AWESOME!! Just love the attitude of D
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D!!! <3
The atmophera it's gorgeous! It truly created the indepth mystery of both character and place
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I love the foggy and rather dark environment! well done ♥
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Faint It is glorious!  Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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I think this pic captures a good western (no pun intended) alternative to even some of the manga. Vampire Hunter D combines 2 very opposing things...4 actually. 
It combines the aspect of Gothic Vampires in Castlevania style scenarios. However, these Castlevania like lairs of the vampires are bridged to the outer world-a gritty postapocalyptic western that has to decide whether it leads more towards Tim Burton's Batman or Mad Max and the Good, the Bad, and the ugly-and the inner world of classical vampire gothic art-with a bridge made of post apocalyptic bio punk. Why do I say that? Because even though the vampires are related to the old gothic fantasy with medieval monsters and stuff, most of their evil servants are mutants or genetic experiments. Sure there's still some goblins and werewolves around, but for the most part it's mean't to be a new kind of monster that is a byproduce of nuclear mutation, and not always specifically some kind of old world fairy tale monster. 
This creates a broad spectrum that is open to many kinds of styles and emphasis, both colorful and dark. You've done a good job with the dark aspect, but also made it a bit more realistic in tone. 
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I love both films.
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Marvellous work! I thought it had a Hunter D vibe just from the thumbnail, so you hit it right on the dot. Beautiful :)
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I looked at the picture and was like "I bet this has something to do with Vampire Hunter D", then I read the name. It is a great anime. Too bad it's not as well known as it should be.
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This anime is a must to watch!
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One of my fav animes! One of the best fan arts I've seen. GJ mate. :)
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