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Tribute to great anime..Ginko the Mushishi ... Hope you like it...
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Here i am, 9 years later. Already saw mushishi a couple of years, can't describe how much i love this anime, you made an outstanding job in your drawing capturing the environment. Time can pass in a blink of an eye, thank you for your amazing piece of art

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I have seen this photo all over google when I looked for a Mushishi wallpaper some time ago
really a masterpiece 
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Really great anime!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I searched for this picture for a long time
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whoa nice pic!!
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intriguing and grande, you did a fantastic job on this!
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Got here via DaweiFlowDays's videos.
It's amazing how beautiful this picture is for me personally.
I've listened to the Mushishi OST whenever I played the Stalker games and this picture is like a mixture between the artwork that was released for those games, but with Ginko in it.
A truly beautiful coincidence. Very well done !
Can I use it in my facebook profile?
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this is so expansive.
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This is beautiful! I can't believe i only learnt about this anime recently. great work!
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Just finished watching mushishi and have been searching for more fan art. This is fawesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks
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It's great I used it for a background on my iPad as soon as I get my paycheck ill send some points your way
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Thank you mate.. Glad you like it
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Absolutely beautiful, evoking a distant horizon of bliss
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This is breath taking, I wanna draw great backgrounds like that some day :) Beautiful <3
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i was listening to "midori no za" from the soundtrack and this came up while browsing ... = perfection
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Where is this place...? :D
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the coloring and hues are gorgeous +__+
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Holy crap this is gorgeous!
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This is so beautiful! My gosh, it's amazing! I'm afraid I can't figure out what episode it's from, though. Is this a scene out of the manga?
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