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Apocalypse looks so... thoughtful and uncertain. A wonderfully different approach.
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Love this! Deep down underneath all the pompous attitude, he's still human. He still has emotion.

He just hate showing weakness because he was raised in a cut throat world that killed the weak. Chances are that if he was given a chance to be more then a sinister villain, he'd have shined as the mutant version of Christ.
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Very cool style! All digital??
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Thanks!..Yeah all digital!
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Oh very cool!! :D
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hot damn. this is so good. love the colors and moodiness of the piece. love how painterly this feels. apocalypse is one of my favorite villains and this is such a good image. i could see hanging it as a print, etc. :)
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One of my favorite Super Villain...great work!!!!
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Cool Apocalypse art, very poignant.
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He looks so great here!
I hope that in the movie he is made of antimentium!
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Thanks!Hope so
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Not everyday you see the most arrogant mutant express an emotion.
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This is really cool and impressive!  
I am wondering why you are not on the "Whats hot" page because you clearly have the talent for it!
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