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Night Lion for Windows 8 / 8.1

Night Lion theme for Windows 8 and 8.1!! 
(Download  SkinPack Auto UXThemePatcher 3.0  first and patch your system before applying the theme)

UPDATE! 3/05/13
:: only compatible with 100% DPI resolution :D (those 1920x1080 resolution default is 125%)
:: theme now compatible with Windows 8.1
:: minor modifications with windows frame
:: Mac cursors added
:: Title bar fixed and jumplists fixed 
    if Title bar too large >> Right Click desktop > Personalization > Display > Title bar font size (8)
:: to enjoy Windows 7 library groupings, disable Ribbon etc >> OldNewExplorer.rar

NOTE: that the taskbar below, is a real taskbar.. :) 
            (no third party apps, shadows or anything, just plain tasbar)

To fully enjoy the theme..
:: you need to center the taskbar
:: hide systemtray icons (clock disabled - optional)
:: disable the statusbar (Folder & search options)
:: start menu not yet customized (coming soon)

Hope you enjoy this theme..
If you do, just leave a comment here, would gladly appreciate it :)

God bless

credits to:
giannisgx89 [link]
krrisirk [link]
hamzaezz [link]
leonick [link] 
© 2014 - 2021 erelchris
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Hello my pc locks itself and not even opening a file, plz help me

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only for windows 8 bro

How to install this theme plz help me

Ok,i put it in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and dosen't work...Help.

This theme requires uxpatcher to be installed

how can i download it?
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theres a download button on the side :D
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Thanks so much. I really love this theme.
But, I wish the title bar would be fixed soon.
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thank you. title bar? could you please have a screenshot of  your problem. so i can help you fix it.
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OMG! You replied.

The color background doesn't match?
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yeah.. it doesnt match .. i have fixed it before, like in the screenshot but dunno how ive done it, ive tweaked it in the registry maybe. Nevertheless,  the possible solution for this is this..

    if Title bar too large >> Right Click desktop > Personalization > Display > Title bar font size (8)

please try it then we'll see. Mine looks like these
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hello , i liked the theme and i did downloaded but i could't set it to mu pc . could you help me with the steps please , thx
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Have you already patched your system with Theme patcher. all of the themes here in deviantart requires you to do so :)
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cool theme. but could u plz tell me how to create windows 8.1 theme and the application to create it. plz help me bro.
It's very interesting. And good job.
This theme need an update. Rly good theme. But not work properly
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not work properly like? .. so that i can address this if i have time.. been really busy with my studies. hehe
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I'm having the same issue on win8.1 where the minimize/maximise/close buttons aren't changing even though I have run the patcher and restarted first. Can anyone help? 

There's a different editions of w8.1 pro uxtheme.dll, in 9200 it requires not the same actions to update as in 9500 and 9600 builds,

So here it is



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the problem is your resolution.. change your DPI to 100% go to Right click desktop > Make text and other items bigger/smaller > Let me choose tickbox > 100% ..

but still this is temporary because i will need to update the theme for it io work on 1920 displays to make text bigger :))
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