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I always enjoy when people ask me to do some interviews about my work. It makes me feel like I am doing at least one thing right lol. Anyways there is a pretty cool blog site that has done a weekly feature of my work:…

Check it out there are a lot of other great interviews and fantastic artists on there (much better than me).

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give an update that my game, Coco Blast,  is now available for free play on our website:

Check us out and give some feedback :) Look for the iphone version which is coming out soon that includes over 85 achievements!

We are also on Facebook and Twitter:

twitter: @cocoblastgame

Our trailer:…

Thanks in advance for anyone that plays

Hello everyone, I just wanted to say a quick word that my guide "Kon-sept" has been released through If my work and process interest you, this guide is a great look into how I approach art and the process of how I create concept art. It includes 5 DVD workshop demos (in real time) highlighting what I discussed in the pages ranging from the warm up stage to creating a model sheet.

It is available for purchase on cgarena:

Thanks in advance if you decide to check it out/purchase and I hope you enjoy it.

Hey guys, don't know if you would be interested in this or not but I figured I'd post it anyway. recently did an interview with me and it is now published on their site :)
If you want to check it out here is the link:…
I can't say how much I appreciate everyone's continuing support over the past few years. This truly means a lot to me and I hope I continue to produce quality work for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks so much!

The Game Asylum has just released its first title for the iPhone: Pirates Treasure Spin. Pirates Treasure Spin is an exciting casual pirate themed puzzle game by The Game Asylum.

Players race against the clock to control their coin around the table full of pirate treasures, while trying to avoid hitting objects in their path. Get to the finish before the time runs out to win the level...X marks the spot!

Along the way, players will collect gems to add to their time bonus. Also, each level contains a Special Jewel that can be collected.


- 20 challenging levels. - Level select menu for replaying your favorite map. - Path options allow for re-playability. - Collect a gem in every level for your collection.

Find Pirates Treasure Spin here:…


For more information visit:

Any and all support requests may be emailed to: services(at)