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I made three very alike little drawings - nearly copies of this one. They are only slightly different; the trick is, the other two are travelling to two cities of this lovely world, as some surprise postcards to the people I like :rose:

The words belong to the mighty wordsman Samuel Beckett. This could seriously be my family motto.))
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sunflowergirl15's avatar
This is pretty solid advice. Trying your hardest and getting a 50% is still better than giving up and getting a zero.
keinescheisse's avatar
Dude!  One of my most favorite quotes and your art complimented it perfectly. Fixed the punctuation though.   It's literally how i've gotten everywhere in life.

serpenttao04's avatar
Are these your own words? Or are they quoted from somewhere? Either way, they came to me through a drawing on another website, and at the time I actually really needed them, so I'd like to retroactively thank you for that. This is a beautiful drawing, and seeing as people have already gotten it tattoo'd, it definitely seems to get a lot out of people.

Especially since it's been a few years since this drawing was uploaded ._.
erebus-odora's avatar
No, they are Samuel Beckett's - and I do love the quote... and thank you so much, I'm really glad it spoke to you on some level! :hug:
serpenttao04's avatar
I've read some of his poems, maybe I should read more. Thanks again for sharing and inspiring a lot of us, the way the message is relayed is just as important as the message itself, after all :hug:
eve26garcia's avatar
OH MY GOD!!! It's so beautiful! I want to tattooed this!
erebus-odora's avatar
I'm all for that! Just share the image if you ever get this tattooed, I'd love to see the result)))
NecromanticOwl's avatar
I swear to god I would sell my soul to get this tattooed on me (with your permission, of course!) but alas, I live nowhere near any decent tattoo artists. I can but dream, I guess :giggle:

Seriously though, your gallery is pure eyecandy, keep up the beautiful work my friend :wave:
erebus-odora's avatar
Thank you so much!!! And if you ever do make a tattoo of this - please share, I'd love to know how it looks on you <3
I know I sent this to you in a message but here's a tattoo I had done of this drawing.
erebus-odora's avatar
YES YES IT IS AMAZING I'm so glad this actually happened! :hug:
Ekatherina91's avatar
ох это будет моим девизом, стырю, если можно!?)))
erebus-odora's avatar
тырьте; это известная фраза, но она действительно отлично смотрится, как девиз)))
Ekatherina91's avatar
очень понравилась ваша галерея и комикс тоже
EkaterinaLevina's avatar
I'd like to borrow this motto for myself. Like your works a lot.
gp-lita's avatar
I don't know how, but you've reawakened my fighting spirit with this drawing. Thank You so very much.
erebus-odora's avatar
Thank YOU - I bet you do have the idea of how exactly words like yours can revive one's inspiration.
chiguisi's avatar
This picture is framed and in my office, it is an inspiration to me every day. Thank you.
Feyjane's avatar
I love this words!~
Кажется Том говорил нечто подобное))
erebus-odora's avatar
Какой Том?
Feyjane's avatar
erebus-odora's avatar
Ну молодец Том, несёт культуру в массы.
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