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Ginger Trickster II

This is somehow developing the theme of that one:

I refer to Tom Hiddleston's anatomy, again.
And I'm playing with shaman theme and Norse myths, again, for I know that Loki the trickster god is the one, who:
a. can do magic;
b. is constantly tortured by other gods;
c. once stole the feathers of Freya, which lead me to the fading feathers part.

I wish I could give you reasons for painting this - the reasons that actually make sense.
But I can't.
I just love painting such stuff... and I wanted to get another dose :rose:
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Oh, I like this. The colors and movement is great! 
You don't have to have a logical reason for creating something. It's just how you feel that matters. ;]
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It looks like Tom is Loki after all! XD
I like how mysterious this piece is. The colors look subtle but lovely. It's not too grim.
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This is beautiful! I love the powerful, mystical quality of this. Kudos! :D 
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Amazing picture!
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I have to admit that it feels great to not be the only one wanting to see Hiddles portraying ginger Loki.

Amazing art, this just gives me the shivers - the more I look at it the more I feel like just throwing my money at the screen and drooling at this beauty.
Keep up the good work!
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Mmmmm. Amazing :)
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Вы один из моих любимых художников, и всякий раз как я натыкаюсь на ваши рисунки по излюбленным фэндомам - я рад ОСОБЕННО. Моя эстетика просто бьется в эйфорическом экстазе. За рыжеволосого и шрамогубого Локи спасибо отдельное. Это просто неподражаемо.
P.S. Это не относится ни к какому мифу, ведь так? Просто на сей раз ему закрыли глаза вместо зашиваний рта?;)
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это случайно не тот Локи из английского даркфика под названием "If Only We Could Wake Up Soon and Scream"?
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Не читала)) Это явно было до появления того фика)))
Fascinanting, indeed.
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His posture and the flowing wing pattern makes it look as if he is dancing. Probably dancing in a dream, and preferably in someone else's dream, because he does love to mess about in peoples' minds. Once again, you have succeeded in making something wonderful.
Your art is brilhant and amazing. Love the reference to myth!movie!Loki and the colors and form of body. (Sorry my bad english).
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How wonderful it is!Lokis's body posture has been done great. and bandage on his eyes..
the colors and blured right side give a feleeng of unreality. I like it so much)
Waah love the references to the myth :D and the way you shade+color his hair ;)
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Wonderful! Red hair suits him. I really like the green patterns and how he sort of fades into the backround.
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Wow, it's wonderful. I love the way you draw him. The hair is gorgeous ;)
i would love to see more Loki from you :)
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By backgrounds I meant 'make them into backgrounds for a widescreen monitor' - my English is failing me today. I love the pieces and wish I could stare at them more often. ^^
Estellio's avatar
I wish you would make backgrounds for either of your Loki pictures. The galaxy like colouring is just so mesmerizing and I love this portrayal of a trickster.
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i like how his hand fades in to wing, or something
I love the mix of green and ginger. And the reference to magic.
The all thing is gorgeous!!
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this is amazing! I LUVS IT!
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Wow! absolutely beautiful! How do you do those colors? how do you paint it like that? I wanna learn :(
Also, faved!
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