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Atlantis - Poseidonis

My personal interpretation of mythical city of Poseidonis, capital city of the island of Atzlan or Atlantis.

It represents the mythical city as described by Plato and the archetype of a "lost civilization", a myth that exists in most cultures around the world and is often connected with the Universal Diluge.

I used a mix of matte painting and digital painting for this project.

ITALIANO: La mia interpretazione personale della città mitica di Poseidonis, capitale del'isola di Aztlan (o atlantide).

Ho usato un mix di pittura matte e digitale per questo progetto.

"The night of ages is passing away,
Yet the dawn of Atlantis shines afar,
Where the mind of man like a perfect day
Beams out on the earth like a morning star.

There is nothing new, there is nothing old,
In this beautiful world so fresh and free;
The mountains are filled with silver and gold
As they came from the hand of Destiny.

The hills and the vales will blossom in spring,
The ocean will roar with a sullen cry;
Old Time in his flight, with a restless wing,
Shall whir o'er the dead without pity or sigh.

So the sun will rise and the sun will set,
And stars will bejewel the upper blue,
And the earthquake shock like a gaping net
Will swallow together the false and true.

I hear a voice o'er the rolling deep,
And catch a glimpse of that far-off shore,
Where men and women will never weep,
In the new Atlantis, forevermore"

The Lost Atlantis
by: John Alexander Joyce (1840-1915)

Tutorial: STEPS of ATLANTIS (makinf of...):

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Hi there. This is amazing work. I am looking to purchase an image file in order to use it for a theme event. Would that be possible?
Erebus-art's avatar
yes sure, write me on for details.

if I don't answer in a couple of days let me know here and I will check spam filters!
AlessaHohenheim's avatar
Thats just beautiful! Thank you for such a brilliant depiction of Atlantis! Love it~
Erebus-art's avatar
Thanks! :)
It's one of my most liked pieces. Wish I had more time for more landscapes :(

My favorit's work....i love it, it's the same of an cinema's ambience^^ Great:)
kmcorby's avatar
This is amazing. I am in awe of it. I love it. Faved!
Kanar-Amazikh's avatar
Nice render of Atlantis. I preferred the blue roofs, but still it is awesome.
Atlantis has always fascinated me. Some day I might FINALLY update some artistic stuff of it.

Good work!
Erebus-art's avatar
Probably the blue roofs were better in the view of "Atlantis", but I could not render them properly, dunno why, probably I could repaint them sooner or later.

Anyway thanks for the comment :)
jessyfofys's avatar
simply beautfiful, i'd interpretate it almost the same way ^^
paranoidinhell's avatar
Very nice, I want a home there :/ .
Erebus-art's avatar
I can sell a Villa in the outher ring, for 3 Millions of Euro's :D
paranoidinhell's avatar
mm.. let me get back to you on that ... (Starts photoshop and selects green color)
schledde's avatar
great artwork!
rlkArt55's avatar
Love the compsition. Moves the eyes about in pleasing ways. :heart:
Erebus-art's avatar
Thanks, even if I'm not 100% satisfied by the composition, since initially I wanted to make the horizon a bit diagonal, simulating the point of view of a bird over the city in flight. But since I had problems in drawing digitally in diagonal, I started it horizontal with the goal of rotating it in the end. But after it was almost finished, I could never rotate it without damaging the composition very drastically, so I keeped it horizontal and "opened" the image a bit on the right, as you can see in the "making of Atlantis".

In the end I got a good composition, but not the "ideal" I had in mind :D
rlkArt55's avatar
I rarely finish anything anymore that I would not like to tweek upon a later viewing. :nod:
Erebus-art's avatar
Eh eh yes, me too :D
Ravenwolfe0's avatar
Beautiful. I LOVE Atlantis!
eNyThugLife's avatar
Davvero spettacolare! Complimentissimi ;)
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