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fanart of a good boy 😊

Please do not repost my art off-sites, thanks!
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This makes me want to watch the show even more :heart:
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awesome art of a really cool show :D
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Absolutely gorgeous!
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OMG I LOVE IT MY DEAR! Missed you and you art and now seeing our amazing Hyakki made by you is just WOW! Thank you for this! <3 <3 <3

Can I use it on my Facebook account as the banner? : D *-*
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OMG It's so perfect!! I love the way how you colored it :D
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if i download this, can i see it in more crisp quality?
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hngg the flow and movement is so amazing here erebun!! i love how this good boy is also intense and sharp *_*
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gjkfjg THAMK OWL!!
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Best boy Hyakkimaru!!
I love the colors you used and all the shapes in the background. Amazing job!
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thank you so much!! <3
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Omg the baby boy <3
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a very good boy!!! <33
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Good boy said his first words btw and 
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same, replays it 10 times gkfgkkjh
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And when he asked Mio to sing... and said her name... I can'ttttttt
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Delicious. /lovingly touches the silhouettes of the light and dark against each other/
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thank you so much!!
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Wow!!! This looks really cool!! I love the colors in this~
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