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TR: mikazuki

By erebun
aka jiji

I only have 5 toudan illust done at the moment because I have been really stuck with work for the last 2 months ;_;; i hope I will have some break soon to draw others ahh..
I'm thinking of making them A4 prints for my shop later, if there are people interested in it, I will open pre-orders some time soon! :D

TR: kogitsunemaru by erebun TR: izuminokami by erebun TR: tsurumaru by erebun TR: ookurikara by erebun

please do not repost!
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shared to my facebook page for anime day…
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So beautiful >w<
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Lovely work~ 
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Ah so beautiful you really captured the elegance of his design and easy going personality, I'd have never thought of pink with him but it works really well *_* your compositions are always so amazing. He's yet another sword that won't come to me /sob I'm too scared to use my ema's in case I get a 1:30 XD
haha sorry for fav bombing all the tourabu I've been offline for like forever so did it all in one go XD
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damn,i haven't even had the chance to watch this anime,but i think i have a favorite o3o
the color scheme is blissfully calming
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Everything you draw is so gorgeous D: :heart:
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can I use it for mobilephone's wallpaper ?
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Delightful colors, again. How do you chose the color pallet?
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The backgrounds for these are always so beautiful ahhh :'D is there somewhere specific you draw inspiration from for them, or are they just products of your creativity?
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Oh gosh i've been favoriting these but I only now realise what they are, Touken Ranbu!!

These are so nice and you did such a good job, I was lucky enough to get jiji on my first try at smithing with an ema... To this day I still cannot believe it ^^'
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lovely use of colors as usual! but there's something particular about using this sort of pink with men *v*
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Gender pls, I need to know if I'm gay or not
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So beautiful! I love the elegance in this type of art!
Adriana-Mica's avatar
Oh by the gods the sheer... prettiness!! And art!
Kuragechi's avatar
JIJIIIi *^* i love the way you drew  him >v<
mimibox's avatar
oh myyy everytime I see a new picture rom you I can't help but think about the fact that your style is just so unique and looks magical and mysterious :heart: What a beautiful picture >/////< amazing work dear
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Agh, seeing all of this touranbu art makes me want to play it XD. 
Jiji looks really amazing here~~.
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