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Site mistress for, writer, reviewer, editor, humorist, and self-help writing guru. Writer and editor for Render Comics and Vex Draconis.

All characters, stories, and series owned by Render Comics and Vex Draconis are used with permission. I do writing and editing for both Render Comics and Vex Draconis and my contributions are used with permission and attribution, find us elsewhere here:

Quotes: "She is the sort of writer sensitivity readers fear." - Vex Draconis

"Sylvia is certainly pumping (key work me thinks!) out a load of quality material! ❤️ "

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my mind
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Scrivener, Photoshop
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transgender literature, erotica, reading, English

The Moment

3 min read
I see you standing in the woods, the sun shining off you. Your body is magnificent, powerful, and built to take me places far away; something in my dreams beckons me to you. I smile at you, and your eyes glisten in the light, a deep blackness where my soul and thoughts are reflected in all their sinfulness. I walk to you and run my hand across you, stroking you gently. You close your eyes as if this is the first time someone has touched you like that. I nuzzle your neck softly, then bite it ever so lightly. A tiny thread of pain shoots through you, but only for a moment. As I kiss your lips, I feel more than hear the blood rush into them. The taste is sweet on mine, and I know my body will crave yours soon enough. You pull away slightly, looking up at me with those big, beautiful eyes. I reach out, running my fingers through your hair, and before I can move any further, you cover both our bodies with your own. Our skin presses together intimately, and your hard body feels so good
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1 min read
As she stroked the wonderfully textured horns of her lover with her hands, she felt the rough tongue drawing forth her sweet nectar with every flesh-tingling stroke. Her face flushed red with embarrassment, her breathing heavy, her taut stomach pulling in and out as she felt herself building to a point where her mind no longer cared about appearances. Her needs were more primal now, matching her lover’s needs, to couple together, to breed, to have that moment of release together, no matter how wrong or forbidden it seemed to others. At this moment, the thoughts of others did not hold meaning to them; only the passions of the two mattered. She, and her mate, no matter what form his body possessed, transformed, demonic, or other. She held his horns tightly as her world slipped away, and her body moved to the edge. Shape meant nothing, only how close their hearts could become. -Sylvia
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But if I don't, I will never know. This is the problem with not doing something, the never knowing. Say I was to get web hosting and dive in, and begin releasing stories and interactive fiction there while exploring and drawing an audience. It may lead to something, or it may flounder in obscurity. I used to run my self-hosted site for Ereaderotica, and if you are mature content and off the Google and Facebook gravy trains, good luck to anyone finding you. The big two search engines are huge, and they are the difference between "working for yourself" and "letting the world know about you." This is why working on a popular and established site like DeviantArt is so attractive, you begin in a community of artists, and there is traffic and eyes here. The bad part about DA? No hosted HTML. No one can "try the story" for free. It is a download and a file manager action before you can even run it. On a site where I can host HTML? I can access the root file structure and link HTML pages
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I enjoyed our conversations on the transformation of Divine, and asked Vexdraconis where you might be found on DA. I was glad to see that we share the same favorite gaming platform.

I will have to check out your work next week when I get some time, and if your Divine dialogue was any indication, I will be enjoying it thoroughly.

I have been afraid to get too explicit on DA, although I flirt with the boundaries in my transwoman romance stories. Okay, I often exceed them. I am also a fan of conversion/corruption stories, and write along those lines as well. I particularly like linking these two ideas together, where love joins lust and whatever supernatural/alien/evil force wants to change someone.

Thank you - I have recently been returning to writing after a break. I have a few projects in progress, along with doing some cleanup on older works. As mentioned, I do collaborate with Ren and Vex on a few comic stories since we are friends IRL. I used to run ereaderotica back during the 50 Shades era, and I did a lot of reviews for the trans and futa writers back then, so I am an early ally and supporter of the cause - way before it was cool (and other review sites ignored the books). Many writers got their start with my feedback and I am eternally proud of that.

Yes, this platform is a bit censor-happy I am afraid.

I do love the conversion and corruption genres as well. I would love to write a novel for Divine which has no limits and just put that out. Some details needs to be worked out (and I need time).

Thank you, and looking forward to more!


I am currently cleaning up and/or finishing short stories for the Iowa University Short Fiction contest. I am thinking of submitting two collections, one of love stories across the spectrum of age and circumstance (to include transgender characters) and the other one of vampire stories (quite a few out if the mainstream).

Wish me luck!