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Spearhead Ship TX r3

Technically this is still copyright by original commission see r2 submission.

Yeah ;p

See Tutorial sub on how to do the engine effect.. though this one is again a bit different than the last ones ;)

Things changed from r2 to r3

New textures in many places
Actual reflections used
Engine effects
Light changed (only direction, not properties)
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Impressive detail, engine effect! Nice job!
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How did you made the Engine effects? Volume light? 2D texture?
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Very cool design!
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awesome, how much render-time did this take and what machine you rendered it with, please? Would be awesome to do some short video with this, but I guess it would take months to render.
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look heavy & slow
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This took about 10 minutes - without reflections and high quality AA its a lot faster 3-4 minutes.. 10 seconds or less without AA.

But this particular ship i can't animate since its a licensed Commission ;p

Using C4D on q6600 @ 3ghz
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Yep, thanks for info
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Speaking of animations, a normal high quality fly-by (360 frames at 30 frames a sec at 720x580 (or such)) would take about 12 hours to render.

Was just doing it for testing purposes (figured i might need to know how to get a flicker free animation going and how long it would take ;p)

without high quality and when everything is baked in the model texture map (GI/AO) rendertime is drastically faster (30 minutes) But biggest killer is still that GI needs lots of passes to remove flicker and without GI its just not pretty ;)
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I see.. You know I am playing with an idea of creating something Clone Wars-like animation, nothing fancy... But considering my render machine comprise of core 2 duo 3.0Ghz and Radeon 4850, I guess it won't be that easy ride.
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If you want to cut down on work you can take a look at how Homeworld 1 / 2 did the animations - more collage based - but still doing their purpose well.

Not everything has to be fully rendered either - you *could* render the ship and engine effect as animated 2d-sprite and blend it over in some compositing app...

Many way to do animations.. ^^
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Yea, yea.. of course. The possibilities are endless and the creativity as well. You know, if you want to work on some community based fan movie, lemme know -)
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:) What can I say, one does what one can!
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I think this is your strongest spaceship to date - I would love to see what you could achieve if you used more of these angular planes to define the vessel.

For example, a spaceship built like a B2 spirit bomber [link] which is all about huge amounts of firepower which sinks inside a single flying wing structure.

But a real challenge for you, a difficult one I think, would be to create a spaceship that was not in the prime of health but rather one that had been defeated in combat. One that was asymetrical, twisted and burnt out. Maybe one that was still desperately seeking it's way home.

I have the most huge respect for your spaceship modeling and texturing (something I wish I could do as well as you) so please understand that I challenge you only because I want to see you surpass all expectations!
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Ah yes.. destruction is something that i don't do intentionally... unless a model is made with it in mind from the start one faces all kind of technical issues (mostly when you work with many objects like i do, its a pain to distort them or make it look like theres an actual crew-deck anywhere. But on the other hand, having interior things done on a spaceship makes editing and texturing even more a pain..

So bottom line, i guess i will try that once upon a time, but for now i am going to experiment with pre-rendered sprites as a way to add details to scenes - especially drones/debris/asteroids - because i find its just too much hassle to have it all in 1 scene.. ;p
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Great lightning on this one, I think it's large improvement in this area, this piece has great athmosphere.

I really like the contrast of warm light in front and cold light in back, also great is position of your sun light, we can see contrast of shadow with the light from this key light, which is great.
I don't mention modelling, you know, I have nothing to say in this area:D
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Yeah, for the first time i don't dislike the light .. can't even tell you what a long way that was.. i think ever since i started 3d design i tried to find a decent light setup for ships.. And this one is in no way simple, i use GI - 2 area casters with different light, and 20 omni lights to enhance color effect (which is hard to control with GI) in the unlit side.. and add to that post editing (brightness/contrast/color balance) + saturation and slight corrections (to accentuate shadows vs. light)
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Your Kung Fu is astounding. :)
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Hah ;) I am way way too lazy for kung-fu though ;p
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I wish I had your skill with the materials on C4D, this ship looks beautiful.
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Thanks ;p Well its only shader skill really but its getting somewhere ;p
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Yeah it definetly shows here that the edges are a bit to boring in comparison to the rest of the ship.
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