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Space Frigate View 1

Yep - Its done ;))

Cinema 4D - 510k~ polygons - Which mainly went into the overly detailed weapon platforms which are now not even 30 px large ;p

Check View 2 [link] as well - It shows the model as it was truly meant to be viewed
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Nice. Looks like something you could build in Space Engineers.
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Is there a free version of the software that you have used for this incredible piece of art?!
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MAN this is so awesome, I seriously love to watch your tutorials of how to make this even it just a simple spaceship, its the detail I'm so amaze and I'm not good making those cool details
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i would like to use this in a promo for a game i am making i will link to it when it is done just wanted to let you know since i do not see any rules or anything
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gives off a bit of a starcraft vibe haha
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This is great. Do you maybe plan to do more? If you are still into space ship drawings, please contact me!
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Darf ich fragen, wie du das gemacht hast?
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Klar darfst du ;) Einfach mit Cinema 4D bissle lange weile und dem Standard CEL post shader der bei C4D mit dabei ist ;)

Ansonsten einfach ne ziemliche Menge and Arbeit ,p
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sieht supercool aus! Also für 3 Tage sieht das eig. Perfekt aus!
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Very beautiful picture. :)
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Job Well Done !!! If I'm ever going to make a sci-fi movie this would certainly be in it !!
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very good work!!!
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darf man fragen wie lange du daran gearbastelt hast?
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Etwa 3 Tage ;) Danke für den fav ;p
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nasty! this puppy is just bristling with weapons!
looks very cool, nice work on the aging of the paint job!
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looks very nice:)
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YAY! Well, this came out great and anyone worth their weight in salt would love to pilot this badboy! Great design and the level of detail you put into it is just incredible! Congratulations on yet another job well done!
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WOW...i love this thing dude.
it looks so formidable
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Tis nice.
Question, those light gray parts on the top near the back, and middle center. Are those actual polygons, or just a texture with displacement?
eRe4s3r's avatar
Its all polygons - actually easier to do than waiting for a displacement map to render (which requires nurbs..) ,p
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I think it's a cool ship, done well and not oversized for it's class.

Nice job
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