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Oily Dependency - Lamp rev 2

By eRe4s3r
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This is a variation/revision of this "Oily Dependency Lamp" [link]

Maybe wen't overboard with saturation now.. its hard to judge ;/

Changed fire/glass sphere mainly (and lightning a bit aswell) now its 8 shadow casters making a much more diffuse light/shadow also moved the new shadow casters higher in the sphere to cast light downwards more than before

Previous pic lacked refraction setting (was 1.0 instead of 1.5) for the glass, also according to my out-door junkies /friends ,p the gas lamp casts a big halo/glow even through the glass.

Please comment what you think. Which version is better? What could be improved still (and don't say shadows ^^ - This is INTENTIONAL (atleast the shadows, anyway))
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it would be better if it werent so perfect :P
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Well done man, well done :+fav:
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It is, issnt it? ;P
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I like this version better - the glass looks much more accurate. I love the overall feel you've captured here, too. Nice warm glow, it's really great!
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Thanks very much ;)
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I like this copper mat better, only thing I would suggest is tone down the bump just a tad, and maybe adjust the noise value a bit as it seems to much, I think the reflections should be a bit more smooth.. that is if the metal is smooth.. if it was Pitted, dented, and such I suppose it would something like this.. but over all it's got a better look to it ! Nice up date!
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Yeah, im rendering on a big scene atm (2 hours + rendertime) and there i fixed the bump..

You will laugh, but it involves a highly detailed checkers board, 3 not so high detailed daggers and a wooden table with my insanely detailed ;p oil lamp ;p

+ the entire "room" to boot ;)
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well it sure looks good
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