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Its blue round and has clouds



Check full-view please - thumbnail doesn't do it justice at all ;( (1920x1200 resolution)

A little test on my planet building skills - Who would have thought that its that easy to do a nice looking planet... ok nah.. i am just kidding.. 3 seperate spheres each with a highly fancy shader, and i still haven't figured out how to get light on the un-lit side of things, but not on the lit side of things... but thats no problem , because while its round and blue, its not earth and its not colonized ;p

It also uses a procedural terrain shader which actually turned out pretty nice imo... i literally used most if not every single feature c4d offers in shader creation ...

And again, the planets texture is FULLY procedural, it is NOT a texture (the only thing that is, in fact, a texture. is the cloud coverage which i got from [link] , the utterly most important feature though is an actual atmosphere that is physical present (and the clouds are slightly beneath it, to achieve a perfect blend)

Yes clouds COULD have been made procedural too, but realistic cloud coverage is kinda important for the impression

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Can i use this as a background for my render of a spaceship? ill post credit and link

PS Awesome looking planet :D