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Fishing Trawler 1920 Scenic

By eRe4s3r
Edit: outdated!

New Improved version here [link] (Fish Trawler in Storm MK2)
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It looks pretty damn good, greaht job at creating it!!!
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amazing mate :)
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Great work, man! I especially like the detailing and the materials you chose for the hull and the deck. Is this based on a historical ship or perhaps a kind of conglomeration of different ships from the same era?
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Yeah an historical ship, the RS2 consul pust built 1920 for the Reichsmarine (German Fishing Fleet) hence the RS ;p

Based on blueprints ,)
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Extremely good - I am absolutely jealous of your modeling talents! The details are incredible!
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Thanks ;) But its really only a lot of patience, not so much talent ^^
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Well, not really perfect, but its OK ;p Thanks by the way ;p
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yes it's ok the render is not "photorealist" but the quality is artistic
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yeah I battle photoshop a lot too, never get things right. So I relate to your pain
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Yeah, still i think i got the mood i wanted (thats what counts, right?) doesn't look so happy shiny clean anymore, which is good, the bad side is that it looks like i did an artistic piece instead of a scene (you know, the fish trawler being the divided between calm and stormy... hehe)

And the smoke.. maybe looks too solid ;( Still its far better than anything i ever did.. so yeah, gonna mess with the watery scene things a bit more, maybe i get a better looking version done
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