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Engine Flare - Glow Tutorial

This Tutorial aims to demonstrate how i do the engine effects. At the end of it, you should be able to not only do engine effects, but understand how to mix them up, and do them better than me ;p

You have to download it to see it, the download includes 2 png files extra for easy glow (orange and blue ,p)

This Tutorial involves Cinema 4D (all versions) and Photoshop (all versions)

This Tutorial follows the exact method i used for my (yet to be submitted) 2nd view of Spearhead Ship TX. So you can compare your effect with my end effect ;p
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super este tutorial, lo malo es que no esta en español. NICE AND PERFECT!
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nice tut :) and great outcome. here is my try without PS part [link]
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Interesting stuff. I'm sharing this with my friend who uses Cinema 4D :D
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I don't get it :crash: looks cool though
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What is it you don't get? :)
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Really impressive! A must of must!:joy:
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Amazing work... o_O
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or some thing, like another FF movie...
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All the people who do this type of work should be hired by game companys!!
Can you do something similar to this in 3D Studio Max? I'm working on a space scene, and i'm trying to get the best looking engine flares as possible. I have seen some tutorials on youtube from videofxuniverse, but these are ametureish, and to "flat" looking flares, but this tutorial is by far the best I've seen.

One thing that troubles me is how to get the light to generate the noise. I'm not really sure if you have that controller property in Max, but if anyone can help, please feel free to.
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Sadly i do not know how to do this in 3dsmax - all my tries ended in failure, and as i gather without post editing its not possible (unless you buy/get/have some expensive FX addon)

C4D is pretty unique in how it handles lights/volumes
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I got lost on the second step. Ok, so you have a single omni light for the first step and then what for the second one?
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You duplicate and rearrange them ;)
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wow. excellently done and highly detailed. did you make that space craft?
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wow...brilliant modelling
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I'm going to have to take a stab at this in LightWave!
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it seems blender's lights dont work the same way C4D's lights do, hopefully the demo version im downloading will let me do this
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Quick google search i drew blanks as well on how to do this in blender, neither engine effect, volume light nor volume effect produces anything of note. Blender supports volumetric smoke - but i saw no mention on setting it to additive or actual glow (surely theres a way, they just don't document it properly.. like so many things with blender)

Side note, this is why i hate Blender.. searching for "blender volume glow effect" brings you wrongly titled glow effects based on shaders (shader glow and volume glow are 2 different things) and searching "blender additive volume" brings you sites about engine additives (lol)

Surely blender supports volumes that are *lights* (light emitting volumes) and not *smoke* (ie shadow casting volumes) but i find no mention of it in their documentation

I think the only way for this would be via particles but the end result will not satisfy you ;)
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