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Dacorum Space Exploration Vessel



So finally its done, took long enough..

Not really sure i feel like a scene for this.. figured I might as well present the ship properly regardless

Made with Cinema 4D , contrast/brightness/sharpness tuning in photoshop
Too many polygons ;p

For some more description regarding the ship...
This Vessel is a pure space vessel. No landing on planets or some such nonsense. For that it has 6 shuttles with guns ;p

Bridge is in the core section (the middle of the whole thing) and has no solid connection in any way to the outside or ship hull - Bridge core floats in shock dampening gel and is spherical, supports full surface visualization for 360° view around the ship from inside the ship. Once sealed no crew can enter or exit the core until seal is broken. Core Gel can also harden in the event of a hit or boarding attempt. Bridge core can be used as escape pod.

For long range flight all crew enters stasis - important crew stasis pods are inside the bridge core assembly. For "unimportant" crew the stasis pods are in the gravitational torus

in dynamic flight mode ship uses 2 acceleration thrusters and 2 breaking thrusters for optimal maneuver performance.

2 Docking ports (left and right side, apr 12m in front of the breaking nozzle) require extension tunnel to connect with other ships and stations


Comments and Criticism welcome.
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Interesting bridge core design...  So once the ship is launched, it becomes the command crew's permanent home until the ship is destroyed, or by "until the seal is broken" you were just elaborating on how separated the bridge is from the ship's structure(it can be opened and re-sealed as the command crew deem necessary)?