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A Spaceship in twilight rev5



Edit: ok 3 is a charm, i saw another ugly layer issue, man what it is with layers and me submitting something...

- Revision 4 - [link]
- Revision 5 - You are looking at it
- Revision 6 (Scrap/Desat) - [link]

After some feedback from previous submission: Rev 4 ( [link] ) here is a more blueish version - No Desaturation this time.. not sure i like this version more ;)

I didn't exactly want to make duplicates here so i applied some different concept of editing it -

comments and criticism welcome

- New Planet with Nightlights
- Nebula made Nebulaish
- Instead of sharper the ship is now partially covered by smoke and has drastic shadow (ie. Space is black, except where it isn't)
- Engine made less drastic, but still drastic ;p

Well as i said, please comment which version you like more , i am partially tending to favor the previous revision, even though that has many flaws - technically i could merge the 2 versions more or less together ie, have multi colored stars in rev 4.. but i think both versions should stay unique... because they are in a sense different concepts...

Please understand that even though i call it Revision 5 that does not mean revision 4 is older or worse, i just make different version to get some feedback on which style is better/worse - i haven't exactly got much of a clue about spaceship scenes.. in space

Edit: I linked to a scrap version with "yet-another" different style .. ah well ;P
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 in this picture you can see the movement, although it static +fav