Artistle February ArtChallenge: Meet my Idol!

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I love challenges, especially those which promote and feature other artists so I decided to create a new one - and why not do that as a guest host together with Artistle and lifethroughjournals ? We proudly present the Artistle February ArtChallenge!

Your goal is to make a journal about an artist on dA that inspired you most. Feature them in any creative way you can imagine (make an interview, do an own piece of art inspired by his works, etc..)

Of course, there are rules. Rules yay!

Keep in mind:

  1. You need to feature at least 8 artworks of your idol.

  2. Please include the reason why you love her/his works so much and how it inspired you and write at least 3 sentences. One word exclamations won’t be accepted.

  3. You can also choose multiple artists but not more than 3.

  4. You must mention it is for this challenge with a link to this journal somewhere in your feature.

  5. You can create as many features as you'd like for this challenge, but they must observe the above rules for it.

  6. Each participant must either tag at least one other person whom they think might be interested in this challenge in the comments below or make a status post about this challenge to spread the word. You can choose which option you prefer the most!

  7. Submit your journal features to the challenge folder and leave a link in the comments below.

Participants are free to theme their features and/or use dividers, gifs, quotes and text if they choose to. Entries will be judged on how meaningful the comments are and how creatively the feature is organized.

Dates to Remember

STARTS: February 10, 2021 CET

ENDS: March 10, 2021 CET


There will be 3 winners. All of whom will win:

© 2021 Erdbeerstern
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And the end I will write 3 entries :3 Two is already done and I also made a status update post about this event, because this is the greatest event ever, not about showing up your skills, but rather give back to the people who is inspiring you and learned from them and make their day :3 (I trully cannot wait when they will see their tags and read the posts - all three of them are dA members #excited :D)

1st post:

2nd post:

3rd post is in the making.

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Alright I did a feature on the late Leonidafremov who has inspired me to try myself at creating art.

Instead of oils on canvas I opted for pastels but he was still a major drive and inspiration for me.

The Feature can be found here:

Also I'd like to tag AzraTezel to participate in this challenge as well.

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What a great idea!! I'm totally in 😁
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I really love this challenge! I already know some artists in mind, but question:

Do I have to create art/interview, stuff like that or is it okay to let me drooling over them, their art and tell how and why they inspire me? (All of my idols are super busy nowadays with real life, so I cannot really ask them and I am very full with art plans and comm work as well. Can I "just" write a journal? I mean writing is creative art as well. And the other thing that came to my mind I always try to learn from my idols and build that into my own art, maybe I can show some past artwork of mine when I targeted one special thing from the idols I wanted to learn?)

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Oh you don't have to do an interview! Not at all! You can also just share how they inspire you in your own (creative or non-creative.. I mean maybe they also inspire you in personal situations?) way! Writing is being creative as well, you name it! :D You can also show off some own artworks that have been inspired by them, of course! A great idea!

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Oh this is great, thank you! I most definitely participate :3

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Hi lunathepup :) What issues are you facing when trying to submit to the group?

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Hi the issue is that The journal won’t appear in order to submit

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I've sent you an invite for the journal :) Please accept it.

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