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Where the sky meets the stars

I tried to paint some aurora this time, something I'd so much like to see for myself some day! :heart: I hope you like it!

Made with watercolors (von gogh).
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Hey how did you get the background behind your piece?

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you mean the sky/stars and the aurora?

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No I mean the background texture on the page.

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oh the red texture? I made that in photoshop, just put another layer over the original picture.

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Gorgeous work
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Awesome watercolor! Atmosphere detected ^_^

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I wanted to write a critique, but I also wanted to just keep it simple

Wonderful work!

What I see is water and the glow of the ions in it from the storm above, with a skilfully painted sky, it looks so solid up there, or should I say, in comparison to the water the light show /feels/ more substantial. It should, and this works so well to lead the eye around the work. I love that you let the paint take care of itself to an extent for the water, (I see water anyway), and the sky being more controlled, but still almost touching on abstract expression, feels more than it depicts, or at least as much as. Then the very dark horizon cutting through the sky and the water just pulls the whole thing together.

It's a really nice painting, you put the horizon in just the right place to balance the other two areas.

Would I change anything... honestly, yes, I would have made the mountains a bit more... /jagged/, to match the zigzag of the pine trees, perhaps.

So... a painting that /looks/ simple, but balances, and intrigues and delights... and I love the blues.

There, a critique that isn't a critique.
I hope that's ok. :)

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Ohhh thank you SO much for your comment / critique! I'm so grateful and I can relate to your statement, I could have really changed the mountains more. They seem rather dull in my opinion and maybe they are the reason that I still think the piece is missing something.. Thank you so much for your message :heart: It means so much to me!
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My pleasure, you're welcome. :)
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