The Dragon's Eyes

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The Dragon's Eyes

Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
Is it an evil and dishonoust spirit
Or is it the kind loving you know

Come and fly with me
Together we will soar through the skies
I will bring you to places unknown
Hoping your soul will also meet its peace

I feel your tender touch
Of your kind and loving soul
We do not fear each other
And you are closest to me, dear

No one knows me the way you do
No one ever will
You've never feared what I am
What I try to hide deep inside my soul

You take everything I am into your heart
And make me feel who I really am
I could never forget you
If you'd leave this world, long before my time has ended

Our two fiery dragon's souls
One already grown, one still light as a feather
Will always be entwined together
Let us wander through these vast forests of magic
Our own world of fantasy, history and life
Let us never part
Our dragon's eyes will always find each others knowing gaze
And we will know who we are...
I wrote this one last night (09 February 2010) for my best best friend, who always believes in me and who is by my side when I most need it. I love you, this is for you.
Dedicated to :iconaurora-arnaulde:

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*snif* :heart:
Ik weet dat het voor vio is, maar toch :love:
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:love: Ik weetsj, dankjewel.
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Danksjemuh zusje! <3