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Celtic Lore

The Celtic bravery
Their fierce warrior, their loving culture
I feel it all inside of me
My heart opens up and I can see

My soul cries for Ireland's green hills
For its ancient soul
For the earth still holds the history
In which my immortal core belongs

Sun shines happily upon my face
The soft breeze catches my smile
I am waiting for my loved one
To finally come for me, to stay with me forever

I can already feel his touch upon my skin
I feel his soul, entangling with my own
We are forever bound, but not yet near
And I pray and hope he will appear

It was not the one I expected
But I am not sure about that either
Smiling, I hear the humming birds
And my dear friends voice coming from the forest

She holds out her hand with a grin
And runs up the hill to stand next to me
Together we will wait for our future to come
Looking out over the celtic hills
In the breeze, in the sunshine, in the cheerful green grass
We stand together and let history pass us by...
My best friend and me were listening to a beautiful song called 'The Dragon's Breath' by David Arkenstone. We had it playing over and over again all night long and when we woke up this afternoon I had inspiration to write another poem.

I am really happy about how this one came out of my hands and my mind. I feel a lot better since the last ones and I can find my peace again.

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Het is dan ook heel mooi Leintje. Ik voel de sfeer.
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Isjme van de danksjemuh!