A Deadly Love Ascending

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A deadly love
Ascending from dark to light
The purest butterfly guided me
And the demon inside tried to trick me

Again and again it's come here
I always kept on waiting
For its' eternal goal
Is an angel in agony

Come, light my way
With a sparkle of death
The sun is leaving me
Through the leaves again

Darkness shrouding my thoughts
Enlightenment is yet to come
Maybe love and passion will light my way
Fuel the wanton, make me stay

The light is where I always wanted to be
I'd very much like to stay here with you
Hold my hand and don't let it go
Don't fear where we could go to

For the paths of our lives are unending
Twisting and twisting, until we reach this life's end
And there, we will find the light again
It will push us into the next

Hopefully, we'll see each other there
And not lose each other for eternity
But we have always been together
As long as my soul can remember

Just one last touch, I will be gone
come with me, pass onto the next
Right is bad, left is the good
Take my hand, grab it!

Don't let our future slip away
For being alone is the thing my heart fears
I couldn't stand to be without you
I will never leave you, but would you?
A new one again, and another is coming up after this one.
I finally got the hang of it again, maybe all the stuff that keeps happening in one's life isn't all bad after all....

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