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Adopts :OPEN: 2/3

By ErasedMe
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here are some animal adopts for points or money. All adopts cost 500 points or 5$
You will get a version to download as a note when you have paid me.
One rule: Please don´t resell them.

Gecko Girl: OPEN
Cat Girl: CLOSED- :iconromadopts:
Mice Girl: OPEN

Paypal Link :…
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HELLO, it's me again-
I'd like to buy the cat girl with points and officially call her mine-- Q7Q
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Hello :)

You can have her of course
Pay me and I will send u the downloadable version.
And thanks for buying ^^
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Thank you and have an awsome day .
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These are very cute. 
I like their diversity and that you don't know are they floating up, down, sideways, or which way.
Perhaps a bit more background would have been interesting.
Overall good work ;-)
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Thanks for the critique and the nice words.
I choosed a simple background because I only want to put the focus on the characters.
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;-) That makes sense of course
Thank you for your kind words on my art ;-)
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Neko girl is super cute but I only have 6 points to my name OAO"
I hope she finds a good home!! They're all so adorable --
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I'm glad you like her
I have bad luck with adoptables so it could be that they will will still be open in a year xD
But thanks uwu
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Aw, don't say that. D:
I'm sure they'll all find good homes! Even if it means a little waiting, the right person will come along and spoil them nwn
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XD I´m a little impatient..I check my notes every second and honestly u making  me feel better and more hopefull.
Do u know any other ways of promoting my art? ( I tried groups, forums and chat so far)
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Same, patience is hard to have. :')
Though I'm glad I can do that for you! Stay positive, your designs are beautiful!

I find that interaction and being an active member of a group is a great way to get seen more! Maybe you should try collaborations with other artists? That way, you and the other artists can share audiences
And if you have the time and energy, hosting raffles also draws lots of people in.
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I will defently try. UwU

And thoose are good ideas..

Thanks so much for the advice and nice words.
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No problem! If anything I saw doesn't seem useful, feel free to disregard it-
It's no problem at all- Good luck on selling those babes!
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I will try to host a raffle some day for sure
It seems like a fun idea
And thanks
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They're designs are so cute. I hope they get adopted.
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Thank you very much
I hope so too. =)
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