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Wed Feb 20, 2013, 7:07 PM

I figured it was about time I updated this old thing, since I last wrote something seven months ago? Here is a quick update;

- Trip to B.C and Calgary was amazing!
- I had to send my kitty, Silver, up to Rainbow Bridge back in October. Miss him terribly. Feels off without a little furry thing still.
- Still getting used to my new camera, just bought an awesome little flash for it the other day.
- I suck at uploading anything. I still haven't uploaded any pictures from my trip. I have taken a ton of pictures.
- I'm now saving up for a Wacom Intuos 5 Tablet, excited to own one.
- Still hate my job.
- Still poor.
- My step dad rolled his truck back in November, has been wearing a neck brace ever since and is still waiting for surgery. Meaning, he can't drive at all. So I have been driving my parents around and such.  I'm really hoping he can go in really soon, since it could be a lot worse and his neck is really bothering him. Hope everything goes alright.
- Haven't really had much time to do much art. Haven't been motivated.

That's about it. I would be going out on my days off to explore and test out my cameras, but for one thing, I live in Saskatchewan. Two, we're currently buried under three feet of snow and it's bloody cold out and will stay like that for another two months or so. Have I mentioned how I hate winter and snow?

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