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Primal Silver 024 - The Hive

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Published: March 20, 2020
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whoops im a month late
but hey its gym time!!! i'll share my general in-game experience with yall when this fight's finished up :>

author notes:
-gym leaders are allowed to customize their gyms to their liking. bugsy's made his kinda a greenhouse
-ruby was still pretty low-level at this point, so she didn't know wing attack yet
-also safe to say I didn't actually use these three for the whole gym prior to bugsy, I just wanted to let them participate... ruby did get effect spore'd by that paras tho
-speaking of: the sleep condition in PS makes a person extremely sluggish both physically and mentally, to the point they're practically incapacitated until it wears off
-budd has Not learned his lesson from the well
-please ignore my lack of perspective/spatial awareness.....believe me I know.....
-while in-game, I went to heal between fights, in-world only status healing is allowed (since potions don't exist)
-level limiters only restrict evimancy, so bugsy's speed and skill are still intact!
-hey, for once nikolai is the one in danger! :>
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A-KTheLittleFairyHobbyist General Artist
Ouch...what a painful start for Baxter... The Scyther in the 2nd gym is just so scary...!
TwistedEerie's avatar
TwistedEerieHobbyist Digital Artist
SCREAMS THIS PAGE IS SO GOOD also ur art improvement?? *blows a kiss* I love this so much
I’m VERY afraid of whats happening next but i am excited for the next page man!!
EraOfThirteen's avatar
EraOfThirteenHobbyist Digital Artist
waaaaaa thank you so much!!!!! 
im also very excited for the next page,,,,
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist
Animaltamer7's avatar
Animaltamer7Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh, that's gotta hurt, hoping Baxter will be fine and Nikolai as well
Battledroidunit047's avatar
Dang it, Budd!

YIKES! Baxter got messed up!

I can already tell this will not go well for our heroes...
bryarcat's avatar
bryarcatHobbyist General Artist
i decided to reread the entire thing from the start & i just wanna say ...the progress u made is just ...*chef kiss*, i look forward to every new update
EraOfThirteen's avatar
EraOfThirteenHobbyist Digital Artist
aaaaa that's so nice to hear, thank you!! Blue Heart Icon 
shadowFuka's avatar
shadowFukaHobbyist Traditional Artist
O shoot!! 
Bugsy is no good, really no good. And what's up with the ankle bracelet?

Nicolai you have to be careful!!!! (Oh please don't let anyone die! Please don't!)
EraOfThirteen's avatar
EraOfThirteenHobbyist Digital Artist
no he is not dsfghjk
the design's changed a bit from the first gym but its a level limiter! you'll notice his teammates have them two, on their wrists tho

I can promise nothing ^w^
shadowFuka's avatar
shadowFukaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh now that you mention it I saw them on his teammates too.

That's mean ) : 
Now I'm really curious about the next update 
Shamditioner's avatar
ShamditionerHobbyist General Artist
EraOfThirteen's avatar
EraOfThirteenHobbyist Digital Artist
no promises! ^^ 
critterlingz's avatar
critterlingzStudent Digital Artist

waaauhgh your pages are always massive, this is so impressive !!!! ur style has improved so much and all the designs in this page are a delight... what a reveal/cliffhanger with bugsy's skill level!!!!

also, baxter...I love him..

EraOfThirteen's avatar
EraOfThirteenHobbyist Digital Artist
aaaaaaa thank you!!!! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
im glad you like the skill reveal! I like bugsy bc being a bug-type leader people tend to underestimate him but that scyther really is scary,, 
I also love the bird....
jadethestone's avatar
jadethestoneHobbyist General Artist
No not my beautiful bird boy! Man, this is a rather terrifying start!
Fluffypuppy77's avatar
Fluffypuppy77Hobbyist Digital Artist
YoctoCrunch's avatar
YoctoCrunchStudent Digital Artist
Omg a new update it's been so long. Very happy to see these guys in action again!
WildfireWhim's avatar
WildfireWhimStudent Digital Artist
i am SO AFRAID ERA OH NO!!! I thought i was scared for Baxter but now i am also scared for Nikolai and Budd (and Ruby... and Sylvia.....) I see him over there being impulsive and not learning his lesson and that does NOT inspire confidence 

also this whole page looks so good!!!! all the expressions are so good and and Bugsy's scythes are so cool and I am SO AFRAID
EraOfThirteen's avatar
EraOfThirteenHobbyist Digital Artist
yknow, fair! no one is safe :>
thank you!!! 
Silver-OPs's avatar
Silver-OPsStudent Traditional Artist
well SHIT
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