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Primal Silver 023 - Prelude

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I'm back!!! So so sorry for the long wait, guys, I just entered college and a lot of other stuff happened and it was just really hard to work on this for awhile but I finally got it done! Just so y'all know, future pages are probably gonna be shorter since I'm working on a laptop now and it makes the huge pages kind of overwhelming for me. I'm thinking an average of 15000px as opposed to my usual 20000px+?

Anyway, yeah, hiatus is over and I'm gonna really try to get back to monthly updates!! And guess what? I now have a Patreon and a Ko-Fi!!! If you want to help me keep up regular work on Primal Silver and get some sweet rewards in the process, consider donating! Also, if you have any suggestions for rewards, I'd be happy to listen! 

Now that I've done my promo, I feel like I should explain a bit about this page's content. Specifically, wtf is the structure of this very large family??? Basically, bc I'm not sure how much is clear here, Nikolai's "seven parents" are a group of really close friends who decided to move in together (they share a house) and raise their kids together! Annick's official parents are Dimita and Aleksander (she was adopted), who are married. Sasha is Dimita's older sibling. Taylor's parents are Kristoff and Chaki, who are married. Chaki is asexual, but Taylor is their biological child. Nikolai was also adopted, by Ise. Ned is her ex-boyfriend from before she realized she was a lesbian, but they were really close so he stuck around after and is still part of the family today! He is also the only cishet person in the bunch lol. 

Author Notes:
-Ise is actually the only one of the parents who was based on a catch of mine, although that has no relevance to this page at all except for her nature
-While not League fights, the tournaments in Cerebro Town ARE done for (mostly cash) prizes - something that is only legal because of Cerebro's unique standing with the Union government as a semi-independent community.
-Sasha used to be a battler but an injury to their leg led them to a managerial position instead. They manage a few different folks, but focus most of their attention on Annick.
-Dimita is almost completely deaf (he was born like that) so he wears hearing aids and talks through sign
-oh hey its the first scene of page 1, re-drawn and pretty!
-and now back to your regularly scheduled plot :>
-it's the grunt that Annick beat up! They ended up dragging her to the police station.
-Bugsy time,,,, Bugsy btw is a nickname he's had for awhile, it's what he mostly goes by
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Battledroidunit047's avatar
So, Nikolai, Taylor, and Annick ARE clan-mates... sorta...

Also, BUGSY'S THE BAD GUY HERE?! Oh cripes...
TwistedEerie's avatar
AAA HAHAAAAA BIG FAMILY THIS PAGE IS JUST... SO FREAKING WHOLESOME OGUGHHhh look at them... theyre so freaking sweet i wanna cry and man Nikolai getting emotional makes me so emotional cries in cat i love him sm
and i love all the unique designs u gave everyone and BUGSY? U ALL GOOD THERE?? BIG FEAR
EraOfThirteen's avatar
aaaaaaaaa thank you!!!!!!!! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
I absolutely love the huge bunch of wonderful families here!!! Btw your Bugsy design looks amazing!
EraOfThirteen's avatar
aa thank you!!! Heart 
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
ganonboars's avatar
I ! Do not trust bugsy ! Family good tho :}
EraOfThirteen's avatar
probably a good thing!
and im glad you like them :>
Krisantyne's avatar
Big family good....... I live for the dramatic and sweet farewell scenes! Nikolai got all the teenage angst and the the-world-is-falling-apart angst, but everyone loves and supports him and he loves them back and I'm just agjkslksk ;A;

Haha when Bugsy is the Scyther, he's also gotta have the personality of the Scyther. This a lot of fun! :3c
EraOfThirteen's avatar
big family good! its good to hear all that came across well ^^

yeahh that scythe is just Like That;; that's good to hear! im really excited to show yall the next parts :>
WildfireWhim's avatar
aaaaa I love the big fam they're all so GOOD 

EraOfThirteen's avatar
im really glad you like them!!! ^^

on one hand: bugsy is very scary to me just in general, I am always afraid to fight him, so like mood
on the other: ;>
jadethestone's avatar
I love the big family structure and the loving energy they give off. It's interesting to see Nikolai had so many doubts beforehand. He's really grown since then.
EraOfThirteen's avatar
im glad you like it!! Im a sucker for wholeseome communal families
ye, he's on his way! ^^
jadethestone's avatar
Same! It's kind of along the lines of why I like those "found family" tropes! So wholesome! :heart:
the-real-fairy-amy's avatar
reugiuethetrf 1) oof2) HELLOW?
critterlingz's avatar

OOOOOH im so excited to see how the gym fight will go and how bugsys ties to team rocket will come into play... this is a monster of a page too..!! eyes emojis

EraOfThirteen's avatar
aaa im glad youre excited! the gym fight is one that im pretty excited to show, so hopefully you enjoy ; )
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
Meanwhile, here comes a fire type :)
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