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Notice any changes? I just got married, and I decided to take this life-transition as an opportunity to update my name- both real and online- to reflect my changing identity. My real name is changing from Eran Cantrell to Eran Fowler, and I've taken advantage of DA's premium membership options to spruce up my account name as well. "Pyxelated" was an alias I chose long before I began making a professional living, and it was long past time that I tie it in with my actual website,

Got any questions? Looking for a commission? You can now drop me a line at my new email,
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I'm pleased to announce that I've finally gotten off my butt and set up my own website domain, which can be seen here: The site is still larval, and any advice on how to improve it is appreciated by this humble illustrator. =)
Thanks to the demands of my upcoming graduation and portfolio show, I've reworked and reuploaded The Jabberwocky, this time in full color.… The price is now $15 thanks to increased costs, but I think it came out nicely. You can also download the PDF for $5.
Seeing as how sketchblogs are an industry standard I'm only now beginning to appreciate, I've decided to start one of my own; anytime you want to see what sort of rough work I've been doing in my sketchbook, you can check it out here:
Enjoy. =)
Yay! It's now available for purchase at here,… spruced up and with some additional content added. I took all of your suggestions into account, and I came up with the reasonable price of under $10. Feedback is appreciated, for anyone who decides to buy a copy. I hope you all enjoy it. =)
We interrupt the usual monotony of my posting habits to bring you this message: I have recently been revamping my Jabberwocky book, formatting it for comic-book form, and adding new content. You can see it all here:…
In the next week or so I intend to begin publishing this via Lulu, and was curious to see a hand-count for those of you who would be interested in buying a copy. Further, what price would you suggest I ask for? I am open to suggestions. =) The book should be a trade paperback around 36 pages long, maybe more if I get ambitious. Intended for adult amusement and/or adolescent education.
It's probably overdue that I make a statement about this; I have received a large number of notes from people, over time, asking me what my policy is about others using my work in signatures and whatnot. I "publish" (post) my work under what's called a Creative Commons license. (Unfortunately DA doesn't make this very obvious after I have finished checking the box.) The stipulations are:

A) Ask me first.
B) Give me credit, either by linking back to me or mentioning me by name (Eran Cantrell), and
C) Don't claim it as your own or profit from it. Do either of these and I will take legal action.

Pretty common sense for the most part, but this is a confused time for copyright laws, and I greatly appreciate everyone who has made efforts thus far to contact me and clarify the issue. It makes me very happy to know that people care about protecting the rights of the artist; it makes the Internet a better place. It also makes less draconian laws possible. It is for this reason that I use CC: I believe in freedom of distribution of information, and I believe that because of the good intentions (and the laws of capitalism which govern those intentions) of the average guy, I don't have to rely on heavy-handed censorship to make a living.

As always, I am available for commission, though that availability fluctuates depending on my class load. I can be contacted via DA or my email, if you are interested in hiring my services.

Thanks again, everyone. Cheers. =)
I'm Eran Cantrell, a Bachelor of Design student currently attending Alberta College of Art and Design, and I one day hope to work for a company such as Bioware or Valve. In the meantime, I am accepting commissions from anywhere I can get them; any financial support to help me through college is appreciated. I charge between thirty and a hundred dollars per commission, depending on how time-intensive it is. Some examples of what I can do include portraits, illustrative ideas, tattoo designs, etc. using both traditional and digital media; whatever suits your fancy. I do, however, reserve the right to turn down proposals if I do not realistically have the time to complete them, or if I cannot work up any enthusiasm for the idea. (It happens sometimes, and it's better that I be honest than waste everyone's time.) If you are interested in a commission, feel free to send me a note or email me at and I'll get back to you within a day or so. =)

To those of you who comment on or fav my work, I do read them all, and I appreciate your support. However, I generally only reply to direct questions, so if I haven't replied to your comment that is why.

Thanks for your interest.