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Zelda Conquers the Dark World

This was a promotional piece I did for my good friend Kenna Warsinske, the creator of the "Zelda Starring Zelda" project. The next installment will soon be released here:…

I tried to reference a Frank Frazetta style of painting, but it was a lot harder than it looked. Much respect to a master.

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The world needs more Evil Princess Zelda art. Nud and clothed, as long as she is evil.

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Very Cool. 
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Dear EranFowler   , 
My name is Anna and I’m the founder of - an Art Blog for artists! 
In it, we have a lot of tutorials, reviews, interviews and inspirations. 
Currently, I’m working on a blog post “Zelda Fan Art” where I’m planning to collect art from a variety of artists :) 
And I really love your take on such a popular show! 
I was wondering if you would allow me to include your work in it as well :) 
Can’t wait to hear back from you, 
- Anna. 
P.S. We have done 2 of them in the past, "Harry Potter Fan Art"… and "Stranger Things Fan Art"… in case you would like to see what the post will look like :)
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Sure, go for it! Thanks for checking in. =)
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Dear EranFowler 

I'm so happy to let you know that “The Legend of Zelda Fan Art | 26 Epic Artworks" is live! You can find it here:…

I'm really happy with how it turned out - and I hope you will love it too - as you are a huge part of this! :)

I also wanted to let you know that at YourArtPath we also do interviews with artists, and many artists also create short tutorials - and I would love for you to take part in this!

I respect your time, and understand that as an artist it's sometimes tough to find a free minute - but if you would be up to for those two ideas, or one of them at any time now or in the future - don't hesitate to shoot me an email (! 

I'm always up for interesting projects :)

Also, if you like how the post turned out, I would really appreciate if you shared it with your fans!

Have a lovely day, and can't wait to talk to you soon!


- Anna, Founder of

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Amazing zelda art
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I just found this on Kenna's thread, amazing work! I wanted to use this to highlight her project on social if thats ok?
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Sure! Thanks for asking first. =)
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Awesome thank you, I did a combo edit for her work on zelda's 1 + 3 and my planning hack of zelda 2 to complete the trilogy. I've kept the referencing links in.
Zelda 2 + 3 hack poster by retroreloads zelda Conquers The Dark World By eranfowler hack by retroreloads Plus my inspired game Zelda pacman and crossbow ASCII zelda shooter as a result of coming across your work and Kenna's. Do you take commission by the way, I'd love more zelda
ASCII-LINKTRAINING-POSTER-game link by retroreloads
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I can almost hear "Shepherd of Fire" playing in the background. Love this work of art.
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A Zelda game were you play as Zelda that would crazy 
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Love this! Great work!
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A nicely formidable take on Zelda! I am always fascinated by darker takes on iconic characters and I believe that this is the perfect way to do a darker, edgier Princess Zelda without going over the top with it. You can actually almost see her going this route, and it makes sense in a way. Which is what I like about this image! It is dark, but also recognizable and believable for the character. I simply must fave this one! :)
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Lol lovely and scary at the same time.  great job :thumbsup:
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P-Princess? You ok?
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Samurai Princess Zelda: Tha Dark World rated E-10
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This looks great Eran. :) 
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Is there a way to get this image in HD? or a print?
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