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The Wrong Prey

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This quite an interesting and unique piece. It has a little of details and symbolism to it.

It's in the middle of winter in an aspen forest. It's cold and not many would be out around this time. It really shows that. The deceased unicorn is shown in the red light, which makes it very dramatic, while the alive one is in the blue light to show their life. The lighting makes things pop and although the hunter's face is turned, you can still read his expression really good. He's shocked and mistaken. You can certainly tell this guy is a good hunter just because of his car. Splendid art, as always.

KreepingSpawn's avatar
Intensely evocative. Well done.

Ivanitko's avatar
Fantastic shadow and ligh. Very intensive scene, but it is so sad. 
Zimmm's avatar
The moment RIGHT before he is gored through the stomach by the spouse :)
Bromelidae's avatar
Brilliant use of the red and blue contrast, this is mind blowing
hioshiru-alter's avatar
Amazing! Really love it, you did great work *___*
EnyaMahuta's avatar
Love it so much Heart 
Ndzoodzoo's avatar
Wonderful drawing, sad story ;-;
PlagueFatherNurgle's avatar
You know that hunter is just thinking, "Oh no....."
Nymla's avatar
Oh noooooooooooes!! 
This is an AMAZING illustration though Shocked 
Lunameyza's avatar
Wow! This got to be in my ultimate favourites folder, and I'm very picky about that! This is outstanding, I'm in love with the red and blue contrast and the composition is just perfect. I also really like the car, it looks amazing! And like said before, I can make up my own story about this but I also would love to know yours :)
YasminFoster's avatar
Brilliant contrasts in the colour lighting!
sealbatross's avatar
Ah man, I really want to know the story behind this
SterlingKato's avatar
This is brilliant! :D 
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