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The Jabberwocky Page 8 Spread

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Enjoying The Jabberwocky? It's now available for purchase at here, [link] spruced up and with some additional content added. I took all of your suggestions into account, and I came up with the reasonable price of under $10.
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Do you have any other artwork based on Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland stories? I'm looking for "The Lobster Quadrille," "Father William" and also "The lullaby of the Duchess." I'm putting together some visual aids for a choral performance...
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Wonderful. :) Lovely style. Great design.
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This is an awesome serries by the way. Maintaining the same feel while still being very unique.
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perfect scene from the poem... how skillful you are...
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Whoa, nice job! Reminds me a LOT of Gagne's work.
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Oh I -love- this, I think I like it more than the version in the Alice movie, the Gulper-eel mouth, the many legs, the spines... th -eyes- Oh such lovely little touches.
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And how could I fail to note the delightfully modern garb on our beamish boy!
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how is he going to carry the head back.
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lo beautiful and giggle fit inspired. The face on the kid. Love it.
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