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The Jabberwocky Cover

By EranFowler
Presenting The Jabberwocky: new, improved, and available for purchase here: [link] for $9.95. Enjoy!

You can also buy the full-color version for $15 here: [link]

Next: [link]
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Omg amazing.. *___* When I have money, I will buy it ♥
I couldn't decide if I wanted the black- and white or the colour version, so I just went ahead and bought 'em both!
Maybe I'll buy the computer-version later on and print on some kind of sticky-paper so I can put it as a decorative border on my wall.
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Glad to see someone already pointed you to my feature today on Epbot! One of my readers just pointed out that you've got Lewis Carroll's name spelled wrong, though. You may want to fix that over on Lulu for future purchases. (Sorry to be the bearer of nit-picky news, but I wanted you to know! And your work is fabulous - I have the book, and love it.)
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Don't know if you know but you were featured on this blog: [link]
Oh wow, clicking 'next' now.
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Thanks for letting me know. =)
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No problem! I hope it brings some traffic, and maybe a few purchases of the actual book (I'm rather short on cash right now, but I've kept it in mind).
The story is absolutely gorgeous by the way. I'm a real fan silhouettes and of Lewis Carroll. This is a treat.
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I'm glad you enjoy it. =) I've been thinking about doing more like it.
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Ya, I noticed the beginnings of a new one. Looks real neat!
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I adore the style of art!

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*WROTE A POEM for this thing. O_o You're insane.

keep it up. XD
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Nice job on this; more detailed than the illustrations, but makes sense for the cover.

I can't believe you actually
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Congratulations on discovering a visual style that complements Carroll's verse so well.

Your own verse has the right feel to it. very well done.
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You should totally print this. I'd buy it.
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He best beware the Jaws the bite, the Claws that catch! He best keep his Vorpal blade near, so that it may go Snicker-snack!

For the Jabberwock is near. :fear:

Nowhere close to the real lines of the poem of course, but I love this, so +fav! I wanna vorpal blade.
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