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The Hunt

Not all stories have happy endings.
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Amazing work !!
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Wow, this is incredible! Well done Clap 
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Very  nice art and unicorn desing, it's a perfect mix of horse+deer feautres, even if that horn looks a little odd. And well, wolves also deserve a good lunch!
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Unfortunate Unicorn. It should have run faster. :s

Awesome artwork. :clap:
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Hang on unicorn...*runs over to the unicorn and lured away the wolves with a deer carcass and then I went to the unicorn and healed it's wounds*
Side note : nice artwork by the way
And sorry for the interruption of nature, I just can't stand to see a unicorn suffering
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Beautiful! Love the blood spray and blood coming from the mouth. Also love that you sticked with a classic tapestry unicorn style!
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Poor unicorn... nice work
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awesome work 
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I really like this piece.  The lighting, angle and overall composition is really great.
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that's AESOME
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this is an epic piece;
you did a very good job!
everything here is well done,
anatomy, effects, background, expression.
And it looks 3 demensional!

I love this work, thanks for sharing! <3
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Poor fuzzy unicorn! Oh well, the wolfs have to eat too. Love the flow the piece seems to have, and the background :3
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Wow, amazing one. I like the way you designed the unicorn. I'm one of the people who are the opinion unicorns look more like deers than like horses. Especially the ears are really felicitous.
The light settings are also very good. The red light looks kinda dramatic, nice doing. And last but not least I love you comment. How true... :icondragonnod2:
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Love the flow, light contrast, and color choices. Even the trees seem to be bleeding as the pack takes down such a magnificent creature.
Nice lighting; it really helps set the mood!
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Wow this is so awesome! :love:
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