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This image is older than dirt by now, but since Elastic Press has recently asked me to format this image for use as a book cover, I've done some more touch-ups to the background and I thought I'd share. The odd composition is a result of compensating for the way the book will fold in half once it's printed; for the book cover the image will be flipped. It also happens to fit my Macbook Pro's screen resolution, so have another desktop why don'tcha.
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just wanted to point out that some guy named disrupt made a video with a thumbnail strikingly similar to your art

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very impressive 
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Fabulous painting. I'm - this slave is - reminded of its favourite SF/F crossover book from years ago, by Michael Greatrix Coney, in which most of humankind live supine, unmoving, in vast domes, plugged in to a virtual world.
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Definitely a magic leap.
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One of my favorite on internet ever!
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Fantastic concept and execution!
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Strange. I love it.
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I'd not seen this before - it's masterful! Still sci-fi for now, but...
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Perfect in every respect.
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Probably one of the most popular among VR pessimistic articles! Awesome work!
Seen this all over the web for years. A classic. 
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This is an interesting concept. Even though you say it's skewed, I like the composition. It'll look quite fetching as a book cover. Good work :)
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I love it. the composition is very interestingly basic, and I love the theme as well
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This looks amazing!!! I Love it!!! It looks so realistic!!!
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Oh wow talk about the past. I recall this picture. It was unfinished and looked like it would be awesome finished. Boy was I right. This is awsome.
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This is so meanfull
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I remember when I first saw this, I was working on Sigs and Avatars- Good to see it refreshed with the dust blown off it. 
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