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Model was my brother.
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Just wanted to say you're pretty famous in the VR community with this portrait, one fellow dk2 Rifter/Oculus subredditor has even paid a tribute to you with his room setup, I wonder if Palmer Luckey has one hard-copy of this hanging in his OculusVR hq office :-)…
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Hahah, that's great! Thanks for pointing it out to me. =) It still surprises me how much that image gets around.
BAHA. Theres rainbows in the glass reflection.
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This bleak future comes true. 

Oculus Rift.
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Well done, now this can happen for real, check this out [link] :)
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Pyrovision anyone?
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7 years later and this is STILL my favorite artwork ever :clap:
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Really good.. AWESOME !
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oh this is awesome :) :)
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this is sooo ffffu...#@! amazing!
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Fantatic concept and wonderfully composed! the pose and the listless ness of the person really is tragic. I also really like the contrast used here, awesome work!
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Wow.... this is really captivating!
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you know what's scary? I have a pair of vuzix vr920 goggles, and I tend to sit on the floor next to the heater, so right now I totally look like that in real life
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Found this on motifake so I had to look it up on here. Great job.
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The idea behind this piece is so well expressed ! I'm speechless
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Wow. I really love this. : DD
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Your work is sooo beautiful!!! Its so interesting- the idea- it fasinates me
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Delete used this deviant for his myspace song illustration, are you ok to to let them used it ?

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I wasn't aware of that, thanks for telling me. =) Would you happen to have the link handy?
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you can see it in the music's player for the song " Reality "
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Thank you for your help. =) I appreciate it.
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I love the detail of the rainbows and happy things while he withers away. Yay, Juxtaposition, woo!
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