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December 22, 2005
Reality 1920x1200 by ~pyxelated is a stunning widescreen wallpaper. Dark, grungy and way beyond cool.
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Suggested by jorgehpz
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Reality 1920x1200


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All right, kids, I've polished the image and re-uploaded it for a momentous occasion: I now have a print account! This image is the first to become available as a print, and I'm going to try to get others ready soon.

EDIT: The good Pitkon has been industrious enough to create a skin, using this piece. Check it out here: [link]
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ala33's avatar

these gkasses are spooky

Allwynd's avatar
This actually kind of predicted the VR headsets. And it actually might predict a lot more things as well. xD
Wofka's avatar

maybe not a prediction of vr headsets but for sure a prediction for many individuals in the future.

dholms's avatar
Most excellent.
Always looking for a edgy wallpaper. This one resonates with me.
JK-Kino's avatar
I love scenes like this. It captures the real essence of science fiction, which are basically stories that say “this is what could happen if we keep going like this.”
chriseastmids's avatar
wow ... that'd make an excellent photo ... it is excellent indeed
Fantelle's avatar
Still just as stunning as ever !
foureyes's avatar
+fav  :thumbsup:.....Outstanding work Eran !!!
Lykantos's avatar
This reminds me about Neuromancer ...
A chiphead who blow his life away, in his fake reality!
irrationalrationale's avatar
This hits me in the heart. Wow, great job. 
Moca13's avatar
Waw, very beautiful!!!
Tatuas's avatar
Very interesting concept; Well done and congratulations!
tweekydman's avatar
This is life in 20 years.
Paladin-Durian's avatar
This looks really good :D it Reminds me very much of this short movie…
MegaAniLinkFan's avatar
About time I see someone have their view on VR in a negative light, and while artsy, also very realistic.
pixg's avatar
this is me if i ever allow myself to buy VR.
Thorne-Identity's avatar
my comment is this.

MangaToons's avatar
This is amazing!!
r3dunit02's avatar
uploaded in 2005. haunts the top most section of my what's hot every other week or so
Maria-Itla's avatar
Being able to get to level two be like.
Shadowmaster323's avatar
Based off the provision goggles

(I'm sorry i had to)
The-Last-Phantom's avatar

Awesome and scary!!

Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Glomp/Hug 
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