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Journal II: Steampunk

By EranFowler
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I've added some finishing touches to this bookbinding experiment. Weathered the journal around the edges, stained the paper using tea, rivited the spine bindings and painstakingly cut that damned gear out of tin. (I didn't have the proper tools, so my hands are now covered in blisters and my desk is a mess.)
Am I done, or should I add one more touch by oxidizing the "brass"?
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I love the old-fashioned look, especially the uneven papers. Nice pen. How long did it take you to make one of these?
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What would it cost to have you make me one of these?! They are EPIC!
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The materials cost me something like a hundred dollars. (Paper, leather, glue, etc) I charge an additional hundred for the time investment. If you're still interested, we can negotiate via PM.
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When you stained the paper with tea is that why the pages grew thicker and warped a bit? or did you stain the pages then heat it up? Trying to see which technique would work better because yours looks awesome. Also would any tea work or did you go for something specific?
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It's been a while, but I think I used green tea for the yellowish color. No need to heat the pages- they warped as soon as they got wet. =)
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I love the fact that the closure is the pen. And are those brass pushpins on the leather straps? I used the same ones on my own steampunkish book: [link]
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now isn't that nice? :D

A Steampunk Adventure
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You should open a custom book store (:
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Hi! :wave: You're featured in my AC News article. :heart:


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So creative! Absolutely lovely...
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I'm with 2dazed- smooth the gear edges down a bit, just to get rid of the "cut from sheet metal" look that it currently has. Other than that though, I love this piece.
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If I were to do anything, it'd be to smooth those edges on the gear. It would make it more worn looking. If you wanted to darken it some, it's entirely up to you, but imo, if we were there, it would look as it does now. It would only be darkened in the future, which is technically where we are now. Lol! Does that make sense?
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Oxidize the metal bits, of course...but I must say, I'm freaking impressed, Eran. I WANT IT! O_o


*pets it through the screen* So Steampunk...

Oh, come must have expected this. XDD
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some copper sulfate on the gear peice would finish it up quiet well.
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I love it, but it might be neat if you had some copper coloured stains on the gear. Looks wonderful.
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this is awesome, it looks great!
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I love your stuff. *shakes head* you're amzingly multitalented.

Hm. I think, just to put you through more pain, you should oxidize the brass. ;) It looks wicked as it is, but I definately think the oxidization would give it a great finished touch.
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Oooh oooh oxidize it! I really like it now, but the pages and book look a bit more worn than the metal parts, and I think that last little touch would really pull it together.
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