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July 11, 2018
Eternal Battle by EranFowler
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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Eternal Battle

Not a depiction of any particular game in the Zelda series, though I was leaning heavily on Twilight Princess.
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I absolutely adore the composition, amazing work! :clap:

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that composition is amazing!
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That is the best depiction of the Zelda franchise I've ever seen. Absolutely mesmerizing. Beautiful work. 
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What a beauty! I love artwork that sets a mood, with a bit of a story - particularly if Zelda takes up the fight. Nice blend of references.
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Hmm... other than the grim aesthetic and Zelda's design, I'm not sure I'm getting much of a Twilight Princess vibe. Link and Ganon look to be based on their Ocarina of Time design; while the Master Sword, Hyrule Castle, blood moon, and Zelda's bow and arrows strike me as more Breath of the Wild.

That said, I love it. 
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Dang it, this is one of those that----

Okay, I'm not gonna leave it in my inbox forever, waiting to find internet-time to leave a comment doing it justice. I'll just give it my best shot right here.... But I tell you wat, man, my first reaction is just Holy Hannah and all her sisters WOW. The refined scene and the epic tilt and the motion and the energy and the desperation of the moment were what caught my eye first, but now that I look at it.... agh, my eyes keep finding so many little details to delight in! <3

The warped sky around the hellish moon. Ganon's grosscrusty fingernails. Haha that Gerudo gem, along with that precise curvature of his horns----I so appreciate the efforts to be so faithful. :heart: What must be I dare say the Royal Saddle and Bridle from BotW. Every stitch on Zelda's dress and every glint of her armor gads. The wonderful motion of the horses--agh, the face of that one on the right. It feels so real. The subtle Triforce patterns in Zelda's charging Light Arrow. The faithful fairy keeping up so close and Link's very best Hyah HYAH face.

Agh. Everything about this.

Aaaaand I just noticed that must be lava in the background, not a dark sky-lit field. Splendid. :heart:

Hahhh, and how cold and stark and brave the little spots of blue are in the composition, standing against such overwhelming red. Nice. :clap:

And still time to give sweet loving attention to the foreground and little blades of grass.

I can't. It's just amazing. :clap:

Yes! I can comment if I put my mind to it! I hate to fave and run. When I see something amazing.... I mean for the person on the other end to know it.

Beautiful, beautiful work. :clap:
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Thank you so much for putting as much consideration into your feedback as I gave the painting! It's very much appreciated. <3
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You have amazing talent, friend! :clap:
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Very nicely done!!
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz
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Absolutely amazing work 
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Good grief. This eternal battle is taking forever! 
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Awesome art work! If there was a LOZ movie this would be the Movie Poster !
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stunning details - I love the use of lighting and shadows
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Oh wow this is so awesome!
Great composition and colours and masterfully executed, this really deserves the DD, congrats Cheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8 
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Looks great!
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