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Following orders is always a choice.

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thewolfcreekHobbyist Photographer

Fine work...striking...

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Culu-BluebeaverHobbyist Digital Artist

Stunning art :wow:

It's the day when nature strikes back by calling on each and every animal to rebel.

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mabbuartNew Deviant

I love it! ❤️❤️❤️

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umexhNew Deviant
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MidnightTiger8140Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Fantastic piece - very original and powerful way of depicting civil disobedience in the face of violence, brutality, and senseless killing. Congratulations on the very well-deserved Daily Deviation :heart:

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ncampartNew Deviant
This is an amazing piece! The concept, the craftsmanship, the message....truly outstanding!
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What a nice heart warming piece of animal that usually hunts the birds, but instead becomes friends with them.

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evankelleyNew Deviant

I just don't like it

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Thats not blood on the dog, dont worry. Its his collar.

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RopeObsessionHobbyist Interface Designer

Good dog !

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TahreakaStudent General Artist

Firstly, I want to say that this piece is beautiful. The message, I believe, isn't as well crafted. It doesn't do a good job of showing the issue with police brutality and simplifies the issue in a "fight the establishment" way that I, as a black person, find issue with. I just wish I had better words to describe why.

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EranFowlerProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for speaking up, I appreciate it. I was reluctant to depict the evidence of brutality directly because I felt like that would be fetishizing suffering, which already happens a lot, and I didn't want to contribute to that. But you're right that the focus of the message needs work: I had a hard time resolving it, and I think it came up short. The responsibility of rejecting one's role in a harmful system is important, but it's still centering the wrong people. I think I need to try again, because the problems with it are built into the central metaphor.
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TahreakaStudent General Artist

I understand what you mean, man. If you do try again, then I do hope to see what you make with this in the future. This work did stir a few people emotionally from what I've seen in the comment section even with that, so having a finer point could lead to you making something incredible - so keep it up.

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EranFowlerProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you. Again, I appreciate the feedback.
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mrcrozierHobbyist General Artist

A well deserved DD!

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Very good.

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hbaf187Hobbyist Writer

The black-cap chickadees shredding the collar are a great image!

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Kyouken0w0Hobbyist General Artist


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ares12Hobbyist Writer

A wolf chooses, a dog obeys.

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multificionadoHobbyist General Artist

As humorous as it is, considering a dog's involved, it's bound to turn tragic.

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PolicewomenPerilNew Deviant

This is hilarious and deeply moving all at once.

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LindArtzHobbyist Digital Artist

Nice work! :clap: !!!

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This concept is so beautiful and the colours and lighting in this image are stunning. I love the symbolism of the bright red collar being pulled apart by the birds. Amazing work and a well deserved DD!

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