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Backyard Exploration

By EranFowler
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I painted this one for my kids.
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amazing work!

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Awesome painting!
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Even though it's far from as fantastic, this reminds me of when I was finding fireflies during twilight as a kid. 
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This is beautiful, and so cute. 
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"I painted this one for my kids."
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nice composition, great selection of colors, the contrast is great too, love it!
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Great composition and use of color.
The thumbnail reminded me of the cover of B.Kliban's "Luminous Animals and Other Drawings."
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Very original and beautifully illustrated Zelda fan art. You did a wonderful job in the story telling of this. Heart  
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Nope :D (Big Grin)  It's a Blupee from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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that looks like a blupee from BOTW lmao
great art btw

edit: just realized this was zelda themed
I really must be a certified idiot
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This is beautiful! I love how you captured everything <3 Really neat way of painting the faeries! Did you have a planned location in mind, or is it just somewhere random south-east of hyrule castle?
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I would love to find that thing in the back yard! But I have a feeling that only children can see it. Does the glowing twig-headed rabbit-owl have a name? I mean, a designation better than "glowing twig-headed rabbit-owl"? The lit up faces of the kids is a great draw to the picture. I would like the picture just as much if they were looking at a glowing hole in the ground. The addition of adults silhouetted in the background, presumably looking for the kids, lends a great sense of finding something extraordinary and possibly forbidden. They're likely about to follow this thing into its world and those grownups will never see the kids again... which means they may be caught in the fallout of the erupting volcano because they won't leave without the children. Also, what is that thing in the dark holding onto "propellers" to the left? I am intrigued. This is a great picture.
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it's called a blupee
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O0O WOW! <3 lucky kids, beautiful work!! 
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