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I wish I had an explanation for this? But Swan Queen sexy times know no reason.
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This is awesome! :D
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Emma's posture and expression ... every time I look at this I see something else in it, so I just had to comment. I love all of your SQ stuff. I usually find myself staring in awe at Regina when there is a scene/picture with the two of them - especially with Regina so delightfully bare here - but Emma in this piece ... it's really stunning that you captured a feeling so well. I just absolutely love your style and that you can bring so much feeling into your characters' expressions, etc. I also just love the way you draw hands! Beautiful work! Just beautiful work, fellow shipper!
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oh goodness that's hot lol
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Oh shit that's sexy as hell!
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Nod CURSE YOU! You're too good at this stuff.. really..  
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I just try my best, thanks  ;P
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WOWZA! This is so hot and amazing! Your attention to detail, from their hands to Emma's breasts! Keep up the good work! Let your talent shine!
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I can't remember working more hours on any other fanart than on this one! Your words are truly appreciated, thanks! :thanks:
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The episode we got to see here today (the arrival of Hook in S'brooke) had so many scenes where a male and female character would simply have kissed.

Wonderful piece of art. Great attention to the tiny details. The way the fingers are held. Emmas pert breasts.....

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Thanks! I was looking for an erotica theme without showing too much heh ;P
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You have done fine, it is just hitting the right tone.
your freaking attention to detail is amazing. Your picture said a thousands words without a sound. Please keep them coming.
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sometimes I have the feeling I get lost in details too much, and they're not even noticeable half the time, so you're words are highly appreciated, thank you very much and expect many more, yes! :love:
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If you did not see my drooling over on the Swan Queen FB list, I'm sharing!

Holy Mary, mother of fanfic...

The hottest part of this? Emma's expression...

You did a ridiculously beautiful job here, both with the technical aspects of the picture (which are great) but the movement and emotion as well. Regina's hands, the subtle background, Emma's gaze... GOD, Emma's gaze is hot and heart-wrenching and we can't even see her FACE. *boggles again and again*

So gorgeous!
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have to agree!! Love Emma's expression!! Why can I see Regina in this pic along to the music from Full Monty??
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oh gosh!!I don't know what to say, thank you so much for these words, you really made my monday better :thanks:
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And because I have the attention span of a GNAT, here, better late than never, O Talented One, the fic based on your beautiful piece.…

I do hope you enjoy!
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WOW!! This is so amazing, I'm so flattered! Thank you very very much, I'm sorry for the late reply but I have been out of DA for a while. But I love this! THANKS!! <3
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (incoherent mumbling)
very good!
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