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GlynnSim plugin

Download Zip file with:
- dll plugins
-source code
-flame with basic forms

This work became possible due to the great "apoplugins.h" by Joel Faber. Thank you sir!

Attention! Even light modification of source code can give you interesting results! Experiment!

Hope to see nice flames.

Advanced critique and problem reports are much encouraged!

Best wishes :peace:
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Hi, do you have a 64-bit version of these plugins?

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How do I use this in Apophysis 2.0.9? I have X7 but just curious if I can use it on both =)
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Getting an error message when I load this into Apo7x. Program launches fine but crashes when I open the transform editor.
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resolved! Thanks for the great plug in!
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How did you resolve it? I got error of missing dll.s (and the c-file, what is that and where do I put it?
Kindly Lillan
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I love your plugins so much!!
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Thank you for the plugin, first of all; that's my result:…
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Great fun playing with these. Thank you. [link]
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Thanx for sharing it :heart:
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Thought I'd try this one out in Apo7x - thank you for making this available to we apo users!
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:iconthankyousignplz: Still getting lots of joy with these. :typerhappy:

:#1: Yay #100!!! is my GlynnSim3 celebratory banner for the f--l--a--r--k Challenge #100!!! .
:hmm: Probably not to yr taste, but it does brighten the room :rofl:

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Had to download this so that I can see a friends fractal. Thank you for having it available. :D
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A question, shall I put the Cfiles in the same as I put the DLL files when I unzip and extract them into my pluginfolder ?

All I got right know in my apo pro is the text "ERROR! no xforms allowed after finalXform"
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DLL files are executable (they must be in "Plugins" directory), C files are source code and not executable.You may put C files in any directory, they don't affect Apo work.
When do you receive that message? Does any plugin work with your Apo?
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The problem is when past the "flame with basic forms" into apo,then this "error" tings came up and when I click away that popup it goes on upload but its just a black ground commin up.When check the editor there is 6 transform inclusive the grey "final".

Yes every one else in my pluginfolder works ! :)
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Sorry, but I don't uderstand when the problem occurs.
Can you work with GlynnSim plugin when you open editor window and push "New" button?
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Well I go uninstall and try again, this is weird.. thanks for trying to help anyway! :)
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Thank you, i'm gonna try!
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:ahoy: Here's one with GlynnSym & Circle2 to make you laugh: Go Tell it On a Mountain [link] :rofl:
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Thank you very much for sharing :bow:
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seems wonderfull, I've some trouble trying to use plugins in Apophysis, could you give me a little explain about that?
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1)It's necessary to create subdir "Plugins" in the directory where Apophysis exe-file is located.
2)Plugin dll-file must be placed in that subdir.
All the best ;)
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I've tried that, but it's not working. Maybe it only works on a special version of Apophysis?
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