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No hero should go without by eraknight No hero should go without :iconeraknight:eraknight 4 1
After Ragnarok Chapter 26
November 3, 2009 Dayton OH.
It was very late when Airasis returned back to the house. Although most of the people that lived there were already asleep Carlos was still awake grading the last of some papers, and looking pretty annoyed about it. He was about to say something to Airasis when Loki spoke first.
"It's about time that you got back. Where have you been?"
"All over the place. Somebody has been putting out gathering nets to get the last of the faith energy that's lingering about."
"There still is some? I thought it dissipated finally about twenty years ago."
"A little bit here and there. What I want to know is why anybody would want the stuff, there isn't enough at any given place to light a cigarette. I doubt that even if you got the last in the world there'd be enough to do anything worth mentioning." Loki paused for a moment as Airasis sat down next to him
"Well you said that it is likely that they are from a world that hasn't yet gotten to their second Yggdrasill, it's possi
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After Ragnarok Chapter 25
November 2, 2009 8:47 A.M. Washington D.C.
Airasis walked into the precinct with his sword still strapped across his back, looking a bit annoyed as he scanned the area.
"Airasis over here, thank you for coming so quickly." A winged-folk stated as he walked towards his with his new human partner who still looked skeptical about the entire thing, and perhaps even mores so when he saw just who it was that had been contacted.
"What is so damned important that you felt the need to bother me when I was about to head to school."
"School? You're still in school?" the human detective asked in disbelief. Airasis turned to him with a bit of annoyance his eyes.
"You try living as long as I have and see how easy it is for you to keep up with things. I go to a school every hundred years or so since they were invented again, makes it quite a bit easier. Of course the only reason that I was able to get away with it for a while is because I look so young." he turned back to the winged-folk
"What's this
:iconeraknight:eraknight 1 0
After Ragnarok Chapter 24
November 2, 2009 8:31 A.M. Dayton Ohio
Carlos looked rather angry as he walked into the room and sat down before third period began. Somehow Airasis had managed to get him a position as a teacher in the school and he did not like it one bit, although it did give him a reason to be on a computer most of the time, when he wasn't showing somebody something and the more computers there meant that people would have a harder time figuring out where the hacker had come from, if they ever got that far, which admittedly they hadn't in quite a while, but he had learned not to take chances after he had been blackmailed by Airasis. Calming himself before the period began he looked up for a moment as his new students began to walk in, all of them where surprised to see somebody else sitting in the teacher's desk, and even more so to see the slightly elongated ears that he had made a point to show. Kate was probably the most surprised to see him there but he barely acknowledged her as he studied eve
:iconeraknight:eraknight 1 0
After Ragnarok Chapter 23
November 1, 2009 6:23 P.M. Dayton Ohio
"You did what?" Carlos asked in disbelief
"I believe that I made myself clear."
"No, no, and no. There is no way that I am ever going to do it."
"It's not like you have any choice in the matter I can most certainly force you to." Carlos groaned and went up the stairs to the room that he had been given when he ran into somebody he didn't recognize.
"Who are you?" the girl asked
"Carlos Mencia," he held out his hand after putting down his suitcase "Nice to meet you." they shook hands as she introduced herself.
"Kate Blair." The name struck a chord and he bowed to her.
"It is a honor to meet you Milady."
"Please don't start on that. I am no goddess." Carlos shrugged
"Whatever you say, Freya, though in my experience when Airasis says something it's normally best not to argue, he'll generally win. Probably because he's almost twenty-four thousand years old." he glanced at her, a bit surprised that she was surprised.
"You didn't know? The eyes are a dea
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After Ragnarok Chapter 22
October 31, 2009 3:43 a.m. Dayton Ohio
Airasis walked out of the bathroom looking if anything even worse than the day before. And most of the people in the house knew that it was only going to get worse as the day went on. However the thing on his mind wasn't how bad he felt or was going to feel, it was the problem with Holler. If there was one thing that they didn't need right then it was a god after the twins, but not even Carlos or Heimdall had been able to find out where he was staying so nothing could be done about him until then. The god had not shown himself since the movie theater but nobody doubted that he had been coming up with something to get the twins away from their protectors, and it looked like they had just found out part of what it was. They were not stupid enough to believe that just trying to get one of them on his side was his actual plan and none of them wanted to see what it really was. He had just gotten back into bed when Loki walked in carrying something for
:iconeraknight:eraknight 0 1
After Ragnarok chapter 21
October 30, 2009 5: 03 P.M. Dayton Ohio
Fenrir smiled at Kate as they walked into the room, everybody there turned to stare at them as they walked in.
"I think that we've got some attention." Kate rolled her eyes
"No you got some. Nobody would want to notice me." Fenrir looked at her surprised at the statement of the many things that he expected to hear that was not it.
"I think that you underestimate yourself greatly. After all you are the Goddess Freya."
"I would like to know why did you agree to come with me after what I was supposed to have done to you?"
" Well Airasis and Balder like you and I've learned to trust their judgment in things like this. So I figure I should get to know you guys a bit better. Besides if my dad can behave himself then I figure I should go to some distance as well."
"Loki, He's my dad. I thought that you knew that. I'm one of three with his second wife Angrboda, along with my sister Hel, who I don't really get along with very well and Jormungand wh
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After Ragnarok chapter 20
October 30, 2009 4:21 P.M. Dayton Ohio
Jake watched as Loki pulled back into the driveway with what looked like an entire trunk full of candy. The neon haired man must have been gone for most of the day from the looks of things. It had stopped raining last night sometime when Jake had been asleep. And it looked like everybody there was getting ready for Halloween. Loki had brought all of the t.v's in the house, and there were about ten of them, into the living room and had made so that they were set on the drive way, and as he was bringing in the bags full of candy kept bursting into fits of giggles.
"Do you think that you got enough candy?" Loki looked up and shook his head
"Candy? No this is compensation. I'm going to give some kids some nightmares tonight. And you can never have enough." Caesar and Balder went out to help him bring in the candy Fenrir came bringing even more candy.
"Alright this is way to much." Jake stated beginning to go into shock as Airasis came out to help befo
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After ragnarok Chapter 19
October 29, 2009 3:21 P.M. Dayton Ohio
Jake walked into the house and saw Airasis lying on the couch with his arm over his eyes. He had looked kinda sick that morning and it seemed that going to school had only made it worse. Darien looked over at him and then at Airasis, the mage had spent the last couple of days just eating and sleeping, nobody else had said a word about it though, but bought more food and left him alone for the most part so neither Jake and Kate asked about it.
"What day is it? It's close to Halloween right?"
"It's the twenty ninth." Darien nodded as though it explained something
"It's cool, where are Loki and the others?"
"Loki is with his wife, Fenrir is checking out bookstores and Balder I believe is out with Caesar and Kate helping out something that she had planned today." Jake nodded knowing what he was talking about, Jake had flat out refused to go, but it seemed that she had gotten a pair of suckers for it anyway.
"So what is with him?"
"It's neari
:iconeraknight:eraknight 0 1
After Ragnarok Chapter 18
October 27, 1:23 am 8:32 A.M. Somewhere in Africa Exact location unknown
Airasis smiled at Darien as he stood up to go out.
"Terri told me what has been going on the past couple of days." He stated and then smiled at him
"Here's something else, Carlos is coming as well as the others, I need you to do me a favor when we get back." He explained what he wanted Darien to do and he whistled softly
"Do you really think the guy is that bad?"
"Yes. He's been annoying me since day one and I am going to do something about it." Darien whistled to himself and then shrugged
"Sure thing I'll have everything set up in two days. So you gonna make this a surprise for them?" Airasis nodded and then smiled
"I pretty sure they'll wonder for a while exactly how I pulled it off." Darien snickered
"I gave up on trying to do that about two years ago. Easier for my brain." Airasis rolled his eyes but said nothing and Darien snickered again
"I just realized that you act more like a teenager sometimes th
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After Ragnarok Chapter 17
October 25, 2009 12:34 a.m. Moscow Russia
Airasis finished reading the letter sent through the void with a small smile, one day and already they were proving themselves very useful. Pulling out his laptop he contacted Carlos again and was a bit surprised to see that he was on the net again.
ElfKnight- You need more information again so soon?
Avatar- Yep, Mykal just gave me a report. Can you find out about somebody named Del who probably works with the Vampire lords."
ElfKnight- That could take a little while seeing as you've don't got a last name. But I'll see what I can dig up.
Avatar- Good also I'm probably going to need your skills a lot more than usual for the next few months, so you'll need to stay with me in Dayton for a bit. it took a few seconds for Carlos to reply
ElfKnight-Give me a couple days to get everything ready and clear out everything. I'll take my normal room I guess. Airasis nodded to himself, he could arrange that with ease
:iconeraknight:eraknight 0 0
After Ragnarok Chapter 16
October 24 2009 5:12 p.m. Somewhere in Africa exact location unknown
Jake watched as the three men walked towards them, they all looked familiar although Jake was sure that he had never seen them before. Caesar beside them instantly recognized them though.
"Loki! Balder! Fenrir! It's good to see you guys again."
"It's good to be seen." the shorter of the two red heads stated "Airy roped us in to help you guys out with the twins here." He smiled at them "In case you still don't remember, I'm Loki, this," He pointed to the other red head, "is Balder and that," the black and silver haired man, "is Fenrir Fenris." He looked around
"Where's Mykal? Evi said that he was going to meet him and Airasis here."
"We don't know, he said that he had a job from Airasis and that he probably wouldn't be back for a while. He didn't say anything about Leviathan." he thought for a second "Terri might know something. She came here for Darien's masters exam also."
"Might know something about what?" a beautif
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After Ragnarok Chapter 15
October 24, 2009 1: 23 p.m. London England
Airasis walked swiftly through the crowds wondering if Mykal and Leviathan were going to be O.K. he had never done this before but then he had never been put into this situation before and all of it was making him worry for his friends. He didn't think he would be able to take another friend dying on him he had had to many friends die on him over the years and not once did it stop hurting. His thoughts changed for a moment to his wife, and his hand moving instinctively towards the sword stretched sideways behind his back before he pushed her memory out of his mind, knowing that he dwelled the past he would slip again and it was becoming even harder to keep himself in the present. It was only his duty that made him want to stay in the present anymore.
His entire life he had been protecting this realm and he had grown to love it almost as much as he loved his family and he was not going to abandon it especially when he was not sure that there wo
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After Ragnarok Chapter 14
October 24, 2009 12:07 a.m. Perin Realm
Mykal trotted from the Gateways with Leviathan flying above them. Like Airasis had said they were able to talk to each other in these forms. They chatted to one another for a while as they walked to the east where Mykal smelled a small village of some sort. Probably there for the same reason that Salisbury was in England for, to find out why the Gateways, called Stonehenge in their world had been created, of course nobody would ever believe them if they knew that it everything there was either a Gateway or part of a Gateway to other worlds inside a realm and other realms, nobody but Airasis and the gods knew what they were and it was only because Airasis needed somebody else to go that he had found out. He had a feeling that if Airasis had his way the gods wouldn't have known either, though he didn't know why it was such a big secret because he had said that only the Avatar could open it to other realms and the races and even the gods could only
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After Ragnarok Chapter 13
October 23, 2009 5:46 p.m. Somewhere in Africa, Exact location unknown
Mykal frowned as he sat down on his bed, Darien was still in his exams which were going to last at least till tomorrow night. Caesar had kept the twins occupied with showing them around the exams facilities which were very large with a young woman as a guide. He was about to turn the television on to the news when his cell phone rang.
"Hello?" it was his brother in Australia.
"Mykal what the hell does Airasis think he's doing? We just found thirty decapitated vampires with these huge plants covering them to keep out the sunlight. Does he want them to be seen?"
"Actually, yes, he does. We have a little problem with two vampire lords and he's sending them a message. I take it that you found a vampire lord there?"
"Hold on a second and let me check." Mykal held for a second and then heard a low whistle
"Two. I think that this is going to piss off a lot more than just the two that you're giving a message."
"I know. This
:iconeraknight:eraknight 0 1
After Ragnarok Chapter 12
October 23, 2009 6:30 a.m. Dayton Ohio
Jake frowned as he came down the stairs to see Airasis already awake, and playing a video game of some sort.
"Aren't you going to get ready for school?"
"No, I really don't need to go, but you are not going either, today is the day of Darien's Masters exam. We are all going, including yourself and Freya."
"Why do you keep calling us that?"
"Because it's your names." Jake decided to drop that argument for the moment, it was becoming obvious that in a battle of wills Airasis was going to win.
"So why are we all going?"
"Myself for transportation. Mykal because he has some business with the mages there among other things, Caesar for moral support, the two of you because we are not going to leave the two of you alone."
"Don't trust us?"
"Not really, but that doesn't matter since I told you that we would be protecting you and your sister." Jake thought for a second
"So what is with everybody in this house, is it like you can't be normal to live here?"
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