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hi ♥

I'm Eraili or just Rai, a hobby artist from Austria ~

Feel free to talk to me and i hope you enjoy my art ^-^

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- Admin and occassional Guest Artist for adopts

Active in Discord and in the group ^-^ I more often draw/write of my characters in here.

I own four Umalyns currently ❤


Active in Discord and hopefully again soon in the group. Will occassionally draw or write of my characters~

I do own six Foolings currently, but also some MYO slots i have yet to manage to design ^-^

Those Who Went Missing

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I currently own four Esks ❤

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Thank you for watching! :)

you're welcome!

If you love dragons and love and death upon the two the read wings of fire!!!!!!!

I have made it my lifes purpose to tell every one about it now look it up come on read the series I am dead serious there is nothing better than wings of fire (9) The Dragonet Prophecy - Wings of Fire, Book 1 - By: Tui T. Sutherland - YouTube there is the first book on youtube for free it is worth it every time you draw think of wings of fire every time you think of dragons think of WoF/WINGS OF FIRE the is nothing better! lissen to the audible sound copy youtube video while you draw or now or some thing PLS.

Hello dear! Do you taking requests?

no, sorry i don't

Thanks Rai.

I appreciate the recognition.


:) !!!!!!