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Cartography brushes

Update (18-01-2015): i tried to update the file with a .zip including the brushes in a .png format, but the page wont let me change the file type, so if you want the brushes in this format go to this link (Imgur): .png brush pack

This is my first brushes pack for photoshop, i liked a lot the "Sketchy Carthography Brushes" by StarRaven, and i wanted to create my own brush pack with a similar style.

- There's no cost on using them in any way (free or commercial), but please add my name into the credits section of your project/map. 
- If possible, add a link here to see what you have made with my brushes!

I hope you enjoy this pack!

This is my first map using this brush pack: Oreen
If you want to see the StarRaven brushes, go here: Sketchy Cartography Brushes

Additionally (and totally up to you), you can make a donation using this link:
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Thank you for sharing this! I'm wanting to make my own RPG and having these brushes is extremely helpful!

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Thanks for this great set of Brushes.

I used them for this deviation. Kudos to you!

Homebrew Fantasy Map
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Hello! I would like to use your brushes for map in my book. How it would be correct to give you a credits? Is it suitable for you if I will write "created with cartography brushes by Eragon2589" in the bottom of map?

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Used here. Thank you!


Very nice classic style. I am in several online D&D groups, and it is my privilege to surprise some pretty..."Non" artists with somewhat legible and even on occasion kinda nice maps.

Since I don't like using any product or "borrowing of talent" strictly off-the-shelf, I have a feeling that I will be using the mountains for the most part with the peaks pushing up through mist, and the crevasse and neat lil bridge also.

Nice linework, thanks for the offering!

Thank you for this. Very nice and very helpful.

Mnogo prijemne, krasne i lěpe.

Watching again to it... Insane THX

Very very nice... Thank you so much. Beautiful!!!

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Hello! Used them here x

EVERDEN | mine

Thanks for sharing x

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Love these so much for my D&D Campaigns!

Planning to maybe sell custom maps. Would it be okay if I used these brushes? I messaged you, but I'm not very familiar with DeviantArt, so I'm not sure if it went through.

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This will definitely come in handy for my headworlds. Thanks for uploading it! Even though it's been years.
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Thank you so much for this set.  Love 
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Good work, keep on it!
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Used here! Thank you! :heart:
Kelusia World Map 3.0 (WBW 30) by Shadow-Hyder
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Niiiice! Muchas gracias amigo
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Sadly, can't download your brushes anymore. No idea why.

Never mind, it was just hidden browser pop-up, already fixed
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