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Frozen in time, she sleeps...........
The Valkyrie known as Lennith, incased in crystal for thousands of years.........
After the Sacred War, she chose to be exiled to the frozen north, to sleep until the time she is needed again..........
As she slept, the world changed.........
Technology evolved........
Weapons evolved.........
Culture evolved.........
But, something will happen......
And she will need to be called on again to save the worlds........

Valkyrie Profile: Evolution
A fanfiction by Adam "Eradose" Hammer.

Chapter 1: Awakening

The year is 20XX......

Technology has evolved to the point that people have traveled to far off planets.  Humans, and other races from other worlds live together in harmony.  The magic of old, long since gone.  But, all is not well.  There is existance beyond time and space itself.  And in the Realm of Chaos, an army of darkness gathers to destroy all light in all realms.  It reaches out to Earth Realm......

And thus our story begins..........

In the frozen north, inside a pure blue crystal, a young woman sleeps inside it.  Her armor that she wears, a record of a culture long since forgoten.  As the wind blows over the enterance of the cave, a woman dressed in green walks in.  She holds her hand and touches the crystal.

"So, I finally found you."

With those words, the crystal starts to crack.  The woman backs away from it as the crystal falls apart.  The young woman in blue armor who slept inside the crystal starts to get up on her feet.  Her eyes snap open.

"It has been far to long." she says, "How long have I been asleep."  "You have been asleep for centuries now Lennith." says the woman in green, "Thing have changed since the time you exiled yourself here."  "Why have you disturbed my sleep Freya?" says Lennith, "Don't tell me another Ragnarok is coming....."  "Unfourtunetly, yes." says Freya, "Dark forces gather in the outer realms of existance to threaten all life."  "The outer realms?" says Lennith, "Odin would never allow any interferance from the other realms!"  "As I have said before," says Freya, "Things have changed.  Odin and the other, as well as most of the races of magic have left to the realm of magic.  The powers of magic have almost been forgoten in this world.  I stayed behind in case you were needed again."  "I see." says Lennith, "So, all magic is gone from here."  "Not quite." says Freya, "There are still those who practice magic in secret.  And there are other powers in this universe that still hold fast.  You know what need to be done."  "Yes." says Lennith, "I must gather souls of warriors for our army to fight this threat."

"Yes Lennith." says Freya, "But, you are not limited to this realm.  Here...."  She hands Lennith a odd looking wristband.  "This item will allow you to travel between the realms.  It also has other powers, but for the time being, they are unuseble."  "I understand." says Lennith, "But, I feel.... weaker than before."  "Probably due to the fact you have been asleep for so long." says Freya, "You appearence also has turned back as well."  Lennith look into a shard of crystal.  She notices that she appears younger than she was before.  No more than 17 or 18 years of age.  "I'm sure that in time you'll be back to full strength." Freya Continues, "In order to prepare you for the journey ahead, I will transport you to an outer realm to find a sutible canidate for your army.  It has seen war in the past, and hundreds of souls are there from those battles.  You'll sure to find at least one warrior to join you."

In a flash of light, Lennith and Freya are transported to a massive structure.  As Lennith looks in the horizon, she sees something that she has never seen before.  "What is this world?" says Lennith, "It almost seems that this world is in the......"  "Shape of a ring?" says Freya, "Yes, it it.  This is what is known as a 'ringworld'.  They call this place 'Halo Delta'.  Due to the war years ago on this soil, may souls here are in purgatory.  Inside this place, was the turning point of the war.  Go inside as comunicate with the lost souls inside.  But, I must warn you, not all inside are human.  And there are some of them that hate humans as if they were demons.  When you are ready to go, meet me back out here."  And with that, Freya dissapears.  Lennith, after a few seconds to soak in what she just learned, went inside.

As she made her way through the building, she was amazed by the things she saw inside.  Doors that opened by themselves, various light and sounds coming from everywhere.  In the center of the building, three platforms suspended above a bottomless pit.  She made her way to the center platform, and felt the massive battle that took place there years ago.  As she looked around, one soul seemed to call out.

"Who are you?" it said, "You look human, but I can feel you are not."

"State your name." says Lennith.

As soon as she said that, a large creature stood before her.  It's left jaw is missing.  Obviously lost in a battle years ago.  "My name is Rtas Vadumee.  Commander of the SpecOps, and proud warrior of the Covenant.  Tell me, what kind of creature are you?  You sure don't smell like a human, or of any other race I have encountered."  "I am a Valkyrie.  A handmaiden of Odin the All Father, one of the three Goddesses of Fate, and chooser of fallen heroes.  I have chosen you to fight by my side in the coming battle against a dark force that gathers to destroy all light and good in all the realm."  "I see." says Rtas, "A noble cause.  I accept your offer handmaiden of Odin.  Besides, I grow weary of this purgatory.  What is your name?"  "Although it matters not to you," says Lennith, "it's Lennith."  "Very well commander Lennith," says Rtas, "on my word as a noble Elite, I will not fail you."

End of chapter 1.
Well, I got this story idea a week ago. And I wrote this first chapter as a result. It takes place centuries after the original Valkyrie Profile. With Lennith being found in a crystal in the frozen north.

In this story, Lennith will be able to travle to other realms to recrute heroes for the battle against the mysterious dark force that gathers in the chaos. It starts off a little slow, but it hopefully get better in upcoming chapters. (if I don't get writer's block on this)

As you may notice, the first pirson to be recruted in an Elite from Halo named Rtas Vadumee. (He was your commander in the first Arbiter mission on Halo 2) Rest assured, there will be more "living impaired" anime and video game characters (**cough**Iris**cough**Wolfwood**cough**) that will show up in this.

Next: [link]
Crossroads: [link]
© 2006 - 2021 Eradose
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