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Treasure Planet III

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lynx318Hobbyist Digital Artist

Always taken by the sails filling the first time in the movie.

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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist

really awesome nebula. Love it!

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BeakTVArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Amazing artwork. The stars and colours are wonderful :)

GoldenDrizzle's avatar

Amazing !

alderfek's avatar

Awesome, love your stuff !

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BladeViridianHobbyist Digital Artist

I loved that movie!!!

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AbbieGothStudent Traditional Artist


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...If only there was a “Treasure Planet 3”. This is a spectacular illustration, ERA7!=D

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NINADORHobbyist Traditional Artist

Amazing landscape!:heart:

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Great as always. I also remember that there was a sci-fi animated movie about finding a new Earth to populate and there were nebulaes and more awesome space stuff. However I don't know its name, just that at the end the new Earth is called Bob or something like that :XD .

Moonkelpie's avatar

You’re thinking of “Titan A.E.”, where a new Earth was created from scratch, within a water-rich nebula.:-)

FrxPlanner's avatar

Yeah, that's it. I was a kid when I watched that movie on the TV. Damn, that was almost two decades ago :o .

Moonkelpie's avatar

Yeah, summer of 2001, would you believe it?!:-o I still have the video cassette—they don’t make those anymore.:lmao:

FrxPlanner's avatar

Yeah, I was 6 years old back then and Bionicle was a new thing that I would get into 3 years later. Now all of that are memories from different times WHY.. .

Moonkelpie's avatar

Dang, Bionicle was the early 2000’s?:-o Woah, we’re gettin’ old, my friend!:granny:

FrxPlanner's avatar

I know right? We are Turaga right now old man lol .

BTW thanks for the llama :D .

Moonkelpie's avatar

Whhooo, elderly Bionicles, got to love ‘em!:-) You’re very welcome, it was a pleasure to give you a:llama: badge.=^.^=

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AlberichPotterHobbyist General Artist

Fantastic! :happybounce:

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Gone46Hobbyist Digital Artist

your space environment really are a blast. Thumbs Up

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W3ldHobbyist Digital Artist

This is epic.

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TomboyJessie13Hobbyist General Artist

Ahh! I love that movie!

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RoseHarmonyHobbyist Writer

This looks amazing!!! Great job!!

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Great :clap:

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ScorpidilionProfessional Photographer

Excellent work! :thumbsup: ;)

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