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I wonder what they patrol

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Im loving the composition of this picture! Such detail... I'm simply mystified!

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Excellent composition and vibrant colours. Gorgeous art!

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wow, this is amazing.

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The crescent shape of the hulls nicely suggests technology way outside our imaginings, and the colors are brilliant. 
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amazing art love your art my friend 
These are House Crux ships from RollPlay's Far Verona, yes? They look amazing.
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This does not look like art so realistic
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An epic scene if ever I saw one. Great piece!
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Your work reminds me so much of the game Stellaris. Amazing work, man!
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Great lighting effects!
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I really love this. Stunning as Always
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This looks amazing! 😄
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This is amazing. I love the colors, especially the clouds. Great work!
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This is so awesome, you always make things so detailed and amazing.
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This is so vibrant and colorful :O
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Epic! It's captivating, vibrant, and complex. Wow! I am always amazed by your art. For your style, subject matter, and originality. Definitely keep it up
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Wow! 🤩 This is amazing!
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